Worlds 2022: Favorites to promote to groups


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The build of Worlds 2022 starts from the play-in again to taste the competitive gene of 12 teams seeking the main stage to infiltrate the world’s top 16 teams. In the format of a pool game between Europe, North America, Korea and China, and in a later bracket.

Approach to the play-in of Worlds 2022 League of Legends This is the first litmus test to check the status of the meta, also some teams that didn’t reach their best moment of the season despite choosing the group stage, and Fnatic, MAD Lions or DRX, among others, know a lot about it. . Far from its best level and with issues like COVID-19 cases in the European team, nepotism seems very evident.

Before moving on to the names, it is useful to specify the format. Two groups of six teams in the play-in compete best in a single round, leaving a single winner who will automatically advance to the group stage, while those ranked second and fourth in each group go into a bracket. in elimination phase mode. These six teams will now play the best of five teams in two semi-finals and two finals (one for each section of the table), and the winners will also be among the top 16 teams in the world.

According to bookies and the logic of any fan of the scene, Fnatic and Evil Geniuses are the clear favorites of group A, but the situation for the European team may be a little more severe than expected. The fact that I started playing a substitute like Rhuckz on Day 1 of the World Cup He could give weight to YamatoCannon’s team, especially considering they’re going to be playing against the opposition, against the North American team, to get the first place. However, with Hylissang rebounding on day two, it makes sense for Fnatic to be in the group stage if they manage to pass as group runner-up because they’ll have a better matchup a priori.

In Group B, the situation is a little different. According to bookies, Royal Never Give Up is the biggest favorite to be the champion with 1.35 per euro betDRX stays at 3.25 and MAD Lions at 13 Euros. The group’s point of view is completely different here because the Chinese are considered the group winners, but both DRX and MAD Lions have options to go through the crosses.

Assuming the Koreans place 2nd, they will automatically advance to the bracket finals, while MAD Lions will compete in the 4th place in their group in the 3rd place in the losers group, and then play for the group stage against the 2nd place in the group. so he would probably face either Fnatic or Evil Geniuses at his level in a Bo5.

The lines to fill these 16 teams by mids are still another addition to the imagination, but the clash between Europe and North America seems to be clear depending on how the situation affects Fnatic in group A, an interesting move to follow the World 2022 from day one. first minute.

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