Fnatic confirms two fives for 2022 Worlds after chaos


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Fnatic’s 2022 Worlds framework is reaching its final stages with Upset and Hylissang’s debut after being positive in COVID-19 and the resolution to most of their issues, which means that after a few days of doubts, ADC will finally be available. Although he will not be accompanied by his support for the first two games on the first day of the competition.

Fnatic’s drama about the bottom lane for 2022 Worlds weighs less, but it’s not going away. After several days of doubts as the club sought immediate solutions for the play-in setup, the good news is that both Upset and Hylissang have already tested negative, but only the shooter will be available to fight in Day 1.

Even so, Hylissang’s condition is positive and he’s already traveling to Mexico, so he’ll only miss the first day of the competition as he takes over from Rhuckz for the remainder of the competition, so Fnatic’s assessment for the World Cup will be both awkward and a few hours from the Match. All for a preparation with two substitutes ready to take the reins until before.

Thus, in the first game against The Chiefs and Evil Geniuses this evening and early in the morning of Thursday 29 September and Friday 30 September, the starting line-up will consist of Wunder, Razork, Humanoid, Upset and Rhuckz, while the Portuguese teams will play for the remainder of the tournament. will be. The support will lead to Hylissang, who will thus form the regular roster of the season in the LEC.

Even so, Fnatic’s major dilemma is in the final weeks of training and the lack of new meta synergy, especially after YamatoCannon’s failure to prepare their approach in group terms due to Bean and Rhuckz’s last-minute involvement. concentration, but also due to issues with PCs delivered by Riot in Mexico.

Even so, Fnatic’s playing with Rhuckz for just two days doesn’t seem to take away the first group’s favorite halo, but Evil Geniuses will definitely gain some edge in this role. Therefore, the fight against the North Americans in the Bo1 of the first stage of the play-in is transcendent to try to take the first place and automatically advance to the group stage.

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