4 LEC team jerseys for LoL Worlds 2022


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Four LEC representatives at the 2022 Worlds of the Worlds League of Legends Sewn into two very special areas depending on their participation in the play-in or direct group stage, a connection that makes jerseys stand out for all, with official spots, sales, and the hype multiplied to bring each team together. top.

After a few days of waiting for the Lions to become official, Europe has four official jerseys of teams called in to kick the tree out of these Worlds 2022, or at least that’s the intent of collecting it for an entire season, with some scaring the Asians. A single international event, direct connection with fans through shirts.

Regardless of direct use in the play-in or group stage, the four kits play between tastes and innovations to change the style of the club, in color or style, and these are the four exclusive official kits for the World Cup.


Without a doubt, the Fnatic shirt takes the cake from the entire LEC band thanks to its representation of the orange storm full of details, and the spotlight helps that from emotional to direct message for followers.


The plainest point is that it is far from innovative, but also a special post without hype, showing the shirt in detail, as usual, before the effect of close-ups. That yes, the shirt is great, and while many would like it to be purple about the deal with KOI, it’s a must if you’re a Rogue fan… because it could be the last of the scene.

Crazy Lions

It is undoubtedly the most personalized trailer as it draws a small in-script story, but above all a special link to connect the community with the five players in the team, presenting this version with bluish tones.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports restores the golden hue for moments that matter, with a white and gold line that bisects the shirt in a personal style that has defined samurai in recent years’ creations.

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