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KOI + Rogue deal tagged with an excuse for Worlds

The backlog of leaks regarding teams that will be taking part in the upcoming LEC season, COD In the showcase of the alleged deal with the Rogue, a marriage bond that is unofficial for the time being but hastened by all parties with some attention to detail begins to appear, a shared flame that will paint the summoner’s crack. and who knows, maybe the roguet’s jersey for the 2022 Worlds.

A lot has been said about him in the last few weeks. Inclusion of KOI in the European elite League of Legends Thanks to the deal with Rogue This has even been extended to Valorant, but without definitive clues to the troop, only an announcement or spy from one of the organization’s members may be required to discover clues, and so something particularly relevant is known.

Over the last few hours, Rogue’s LEC Team Manager Alexandra Hehn has shared some information on the team’s 2022 Worlds kit presentation on her feed, and it’s all thanks to the Ibai team community and Pique’s insistence. . After several questions, Hehn linked some questions about the presentation of the kits, and the answer seems close to Barcelona, ​​where the two founders of the purple team curiously reside.

The Team Manager directly announces that the shirt will be released in the next few days and even seems to have dropped it could be Monday, something that then intersects with the implicit confirmation that the presentation location could be Barcelona. The conditions this requires for association with the COD.

For weeks, the community has been rumored that KOI’s announcement to the LEC via Rogue will precede the World Cup, and there is no better marketing strategy to seek support at the international event than to take advantage of the presentation. Purple shirt? Shout out to a lot of fans for the event that starts next week.

Add to this the presence of the leaker arguing that most of the KOI creators are in Barcelona or have traveled there, Komanche and Knekro will have a bootcamp on the 27th, everything points to a date or this Tuesday afternoon. or for Wednesday if the content is saved for the following days. Sirens are sounding in Catalonia, we’ll see if there’s any news in the next few hours.

Ibai’s dream for LEC KOI, two Spanish signings and a role swap

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