How many skins will each Brawl Stars brawler have after Season 14?


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The classification of skins within the universe of fighting stars it changes with the passage of the seasons in a kind of curious balance that travels according to the specific spec of each theme, and Mortis takes advantage of that to place himself in the top 4, only below Colt, Dynamike and El Primo after the recent season 14 .

Inside the robot factory fighting stars generates interesting changes in one of the game’s most curious classifications outside the competition, an alternate quest for each character that leaves Mortis as one of the beneficiaries thanks to the two versions still to be released this season with his Mortis Meca Gold and Dark Mecha Mortis .

Now that Crow Calavera has just been released, there are three more pending skins in this Season 14, such as Mortis and Leon for October 7 and 24 respectively, while you watch it for the next season is set on the appearance of the new Frank after the Supercell Make.

  • 14 skins: Colt
  • 13 skins: Dynamike and El Primo.
  • 11 skins: dead.
  • 10 skins: Jessie, Bo and Bull.
  • 9 skins: CrowBarley, Carl and Brock.
  • 8 skins: Nita, Jessie, Rico and Peak.
  • 7 skins: Lion, Small amountpiper, bea, sprout, darryl, Jackie and Bibi.
  • 6 skins: 8-BIT, Rosa, Penny, Max, Tara, Mr P and sandy.
  • 5 skins: pam, lolafrank, ghost, gale, peak, colette, lou, stu, EMZ, Ruffs, Tick and Belle.
  • 4 skins: Nani, Buzz, Meg and Edgar.
  • 3 skins: beepingAmber and Ash.
  • 2 skins: Byron and Fang.
  • 1 skin: samGriff, Grom, Eva, Janet, Bonnie Y Otis.

Next to arrive at the skin cycle is Gus starting this Friday September 23rd, the day chosen for the launch of the little ghostly young man with a supportive soul, an extra healing for the new meta of fighting stars.

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