The 43 changes to Darryl, the ranking of brawlers with the most balances


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the structure of fighting stars it takes constant evolution to turn the creation into a giant imaginary lego that will grow over the years, but the pieces are not always reversible and balance changes are a must to improve characters, completely change others and even turn them into change something totally different like Darryl historically does after 43 mods on his kit.

The awakening of balance changes has been a constant since the alpha version of every video game in the quest for equality, a mandatory exercise for any development team that leaves a curious mark on each of them’s brand over the years. at the beginning of fighting stars or they come a little later.

In that bubble only the protagonists of certain characters know how much they suffered for having a certain character in the top tier and a week later at the worst in the game, but in that tower of babel there are some who have gone around the millions times to be most affected by the development team, and this is the classification.

Darryl is the most treated fighter in the entire game with up to 43 adjustments and is placed as leader due to the headache of his star skill ‘Steel Rings’ as the barrel protection started at 90% for several seconds but it went down both in the clap as in the seconds until it stabilized in the current situation.

In the top 3 they are joined by Brock with 38 adaptations and Crow with 37, and it is common to see brawlers at the top of the rankings from the start of the game as they are the ones with the most options to need stability with the passing of the years. The ranking is continued by Poco, Pam, Bo, Carl, Mortis, Nita, El Primo and Jessie, all of whom start over 30 balance spins, here is the full ranking according to charito’s stats on reddit. Curiously, Bull and Frank are the first two with the fewest appearances in the balance changes and it is curious that the tanks have remained formal since 2017 with only 21 and 23 adjustments, too small a number to have been in the Supercell title for so long. many years.

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