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Heretics team broke the ladder, European Masters finalists!

From the last imaginable step to eighth in the Super League in the spring to the all-European Masters final, this is the legacy of the last. Team Infidels In just a few months of life in the elite, it’s an unthinkable leap of thousands of steps to consolidate a team that has been called upon to transfer a few names to the LEC after demonstrating its ability to win in Europe.

The Premier League is too small for Team Heretics. The deviants entered an open war with France, looking only at the semifinals of the European Masters, but even the LFL champion could not compete with the Gevous men in a promising 3-1 series. They lost to LDLC, but with the whole team’s eyes fixed on the LEC due to their desire to win a second championship.

The persistence of the second map despite having lost everything is the basis for believing Team Heretics is more than a champion team, and it’s a strong gene showing a team with just a few pieces and a new wand. breaking down all possible obstacles, because so far the team led by Jackspektra has shown it.

The marksman is the soul and dagger of the team and together with Bluerzor he managed to lead his team throughout the semi-final as in the tournament as they could not stop their Draven but fell behind. To make the crack competition even more important, there’s a confirmation of the team’s place in the LEC.

The European Masters is much more than a trophy for Team Heretics, and not because of what it means for the club, but for these five players. Everyone heard the news knowing their club would be in the LEC series, and the moral strength of staying among the best with the option to be on that roster is the best way to individually push a group that seems like they can do anything today.

Now BDS Academy awaits in the finals after a pristine tournament where it didn’t even make it to the map, but with a rematch in between after what happened in the groups. Team Heretics don’t seem to see a ceiling on their ladder and that points to the LEC, but it’s time to fight for the European Masters first.

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