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Brawl Stars brings a new Thor-like power to Sam

Only two days left to see Gus’ full potential with his official release on fighting starsSupercell closes the loop on his seasonal chromatic brawler to give Sam the latest evolution of power to his gear, a second brawler dropped from the sky in the purest Thor style, including tribute, giving him an electric effect with a push included for the enemies.

fighting stars projects this week as a small gift wrapped in many others, from the new rewards to the mystery mode restore, but in the meantime the meta is starting to reflect the power of sam thanks to his first stellar ability and his first gadget, something that is now persistent with the appearance of a repulsive pulse.

Sam’s second active ability generates an electrical pulse for the skills after launching the knuckle throwers to knock enemies back without dealing damage (much like the first gadget), something officially shown with an image paying tribute to one of the Thor Ragnarok’s most famous scenes.

At first, it seems difficult for this second gadget to outperform the first due to the strength of the magnetic field, as attracting rivals gives Sam’s kit an extra when it comes to weaker fighters with shorter lifespans, as they potentially have the a priori potential are rivals that anyone who hangs out with Belle’s threesome partner should go after him.

Sam’s skill kit
  • Health: 7800
  • Movement speed: fast
  • Damage: 2×1200 (2×600 without knucklebusters)
  • Range: Short (attacks the sides of the cone, but not the center)
  • Reload Speed: Fast
  • Start with the super charged
  • Super Damage: 2100 (1050 on return if charged)
  • Super range: long
  • Knucklebusters stay on the ground once thrown
    • They can be picked up by going over
    • Or they call to reload the super
      • Super Charge: 10 punches (5 full base)
  • Star Ability 1: Heals Today Not Tomorrow – After charging Knuckle Busters, Sam immediately recovers 30% health.
  • Star Ability 2: Remote Reload – Sam’s Knuckle Busters charges his Super when on the ground near enemies.
  • Gadget 1: magnetic field – When the Knuckle Busters are on the ground, Sam can activate them to draw enemies (Tara’s super style but no damage).
  • Gadget 2: Pulse Resistant – Once on the ground, the subsequent Knuckle Throwers that Sam throws send out an electrical pulse that knocks enemies back (again no damage).

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