KOI, Giants and Heretics officially enter the VCT and Riot takes on G2


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The leaks are already a reality, KOI, Giants and Team Heretics are officially franchises for Valorant’s new great competition at VCT 2023, a huge jump from the three Spanish teams to place at the front of the 10 selected from EMEA, the continental region in which they will fight to demonstrate the potential in Riog’s shooter Games.

The purple carp begins to turn into a dragon, the heretics jump two by two, and giants get a fundamental jump among the best. Spanish esports take a priority last name in the Valorant elite with a full announcement that could change the history of all teams by placing themselves as selected to be among the best.

The main deadweight effect of the ad is G2 Esports’ Fall to Hell After Ocelote’s Controversy With Andrew Tate, and it is confirming the leaks of the last hours that left the samurai out of the North American league where they had bet. In the official statement, Riot even clarifies that they have chosen organizations “share our values ​​of always putting fans first, celebrate the diversity of our community and commit to supporting professionals«, an indirect baton that plays on the doubts of absence.

The 10 EMEA teams at VCT 2023
  • KOI
  • Team Heretics
  • giants
  • fnatic
  • Vitality of the team
  • BBL Esports
  • Karmine Corp.
  • TeamLiquid
  • cool esports

In less than a year, the team of Ibai and Piqué has made giant strides in its development to become an absolute benchmark in terms of figures at the European level, but think of such a large infrastructure without even having a life year , seems risky to some, but not to the ambition of the Basque streamer and the Catalan player.

The evolution of that tent isn’t complete yet because outside of a square the final shape still needs a lot to become elite, enjoy it and go through the whole process until it gets strong so for now it’s more of a recent Greymon evolved with hints to return to Agumon, though the ambition is to be in Johto with an immortalized Gyarados. Time will tell, but the steps are right to make KOI one of the most powerful brands at the competitive level, both in Spain and on the continental level.

For its part, Team Heretics achieves double that by demonstrating global potential not only economically with the purchase of the place in the LEC, but with an overall proposal that gives it places to restore its strength in the shooter after the bad news in the past with Call of Duty. It’s a return to the origins it takes to keep growing and return to the beginning, so it will be a brutal starting point to break the elite of both sides.

In the case of Giants, it is a fundamental lifesaver to give the giants the credit they deserve, achieving a triple Spanish representation, especially a fundamental step to regain a position among the best for which they have long held fought. It is without a doubt one of the organizations that is most committed to competition and has been weighing more in terms of personnel, environment and fans for years.

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