Brawl Stars Activates Gus Three Days After Official Launch


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‘s calendar fighting stars is turned upside down with the appearance of one of history’s easiest fighters, a little boy lost in Starr Park with a super-special rarity that will fill the arena with ghosts, healing, and a new combat system to match only with Sam after his recent departure from tier 30.

The roadmap to unveiling Gus in the last days of September seems to have progressed in Gus’s case for a dazzling appearance this Friday the 23rd, the official day when support will already be in the boxes awaiting a bit of luck on the road. part of the community because it will be very easy to get it if you know about brawlers and have saved a few mega boxes.

With that foundation, the work schedule to test the fighter seemed to be a matter of content creators until now, but fighting stars took advantage of this Tuesday the 20th to introduce Gus directly into the game from the training cave, the first link with anyone who wants to think about throwing boxes at their head to fall in love with randomness.

Both brawlers’ acceptance of the Brawl Talk was quite positive and while neither seemed to get along with the top tier of the meta at first, Sam seems to be at the top thanks to the power of his passives with the extra speed and healing, while Gus can be a real nuisance to the other team due to healing and the wave of ghosts.

In the coming days we will analyze what his landing will be like in the meta to find out who he is a counterpart against, who he can deal more damage against and most importantly, how to make the ideal combos to put him above other supporting brawlers like Byron, Ruffs or Poco, although these last two are currently among the strongest in the game after the last balance change.

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