Team Heretics vs France, this will be the European Masters half match


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Jackspektra is broken and will play in the LEC next season. This premise explains a Super League title, a fight in which a human destroys a unicorn, and also a Super League title. Team Infidels In the European Masters summer semi-finals, a feat that no Spanish team has accomplished in over a year.

this League of Legends Vatan is lucky for the sweet moment of the infidels, both in Spain and in the top 4 of Europe among the ERL, and with the LEC square approved for 2023, this value is the starting point of a journey rich especially in organization, team and nuances. especially players like ADC during a historic season for the club.

After stumbling across Segunda without being able to find the north with different startups or ties to G2, Team Heretics made a strong commitment to stand out as a top League LoL team in 2022, and they didn’t just achieve it with a few million. arm to break into elite franchises, but from the base of the Super League and showing that they are among the best in Europe.

The fifth map against Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition is a perfect example to get into the minds of the staff and define that Jackspektra’s global protection was the ideal measure to disrupt the game with a Draven, and though now the gods of Olympus have decided so. In the semi-finals, there is a French army ahead.

LFL teams have dominated the tournament from the start, and its representation is open with three French teams in the semifinals against Team Heretics’ sole external presence, which is one step behind LCLC OL in the second Bo5 proposed this Thursday. Here are the matches and schedules:

Wednesday, September 21

  • 17:00. GameWard Team vs Team BDS Academy

Thursday, September 22

  • 17:00. Team Heretics vs LDLC OL

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