All the features, uses and benefits of the chrome in Fortnite Paradise


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the landing of Fortnite Paradise with the update of Chapter 3 – Season 4 leaves a long list of novelties with the restoration of old weapons, new highlands, objects and skins, but without a doubt the main twist in terms of gameplay is chrome, a metal that will change completely your skin to make your character much more powerful during any part of the game.

Chromium is the most symptomatic element of Fortnite Paradise in the leap into the void on this Sunday, September 18, a significant moment for the game, despite all that it means turning every in-game character into a chrome skin capable of wielding powers never seen before. in the game are seen from the perspective of an ordinary player. And all with the launch of a number of objects.

The chrome splash, a kind of grenade filled with the gray liquid, is the most coveted item of the next season and can be used many times depending on where it is thrown. The most interesting thing is to throw it to the ground where your character is, and there a temporary chrome transformation will begin to gain several benefits.

With skin chrome you are impervious to fire and you can also transform into molten chrome while sprinting. At that point, the speed in the game is multiplied, you are immune to all fall damage no matter how high the jump, and you can also utilize the momentum in the air, which will also generate the chrome in a structure or piece to be able to stab it about.

That’s another benefit of the chrome splash, if thrown directly at a structure instead of itself, any player can traverse that area as if it had become Narnia’s closet to jump through buildings and thus use the strategies with the intent. multiply to get the kill in a much more aggressive way.

The map will also be a general meeting point for some of the points of interest on the map and, according to the trailer, it looks like it’ll be sliding over new areas to take over even more, causing more chaos over the weeks. by means of. Chrome also shows up on some of the new weapons hidden in chrome chests, another reboot for vice.

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