Ocelote’s Apologies, G2’s Inner Punishment, and Nervous


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At other times, solitary confession with a priest was the holiest act before surrendering to the divine, and it was not easy to collide with itself until the absolute truth was released, but in times of immediate criticism, social awakening gives an instant reaction to the discussion. With no further thought than the pillow next to a few calls from investors, and of course, Ocelote’s mess ended with apologies, a smack and frustrating for the population.

The big brand dilemma that G2 Esports experienced in the last hours was far from the sports ground. presence of Andrew Tate in an Ocelote videobut above all for the iron defense of the friendship of the samurai founder, with a wave of mostly negative reactions regarding both names being combined in a nearly eight-second viral merger.

The passage of time offers two ways before betting on such a borderline and long-term oblivion for a brand that has international resonance because of its bond with brands and its huge fan base, Ocelote and G2 They shook hands apologetically from time to time, but looking at the timeline of events, it seems that everything was measured in detail.

Ocelote’s pattern of learnings, mistakes, and vital arguments led him, in his first speech, to acknowledge some consequences later, which, as he certainly knew, would result in the CEO eight weeks off and the corresponding suspension of his salary, as well as an official fine by G2 Esports. . A supervisory board decision to value it as an anti-inflammatory for the masses. But there are more layers behind forgiveness.

With Ocelot agreeing to what to do «whatever it takes to protect the company and your colleagues» The decision is implied somehow (and it’s logical to think of it as a graphical representation of the company beyond investors’ capital) and is undoubtedly the smartest move to defend. shield and your future.

After all, G2 Esports is one of the emblems of the world. League of Legends Europe is at the gates of the League of Legends World Cup, the moment when brands are more commercially involved, more jerseys are sold and more gear is made, but with the talk at hand, everything seems to have been taken from the typical Men’s scene. In black, where the neuralizer destroys memories at the touch of a button.

In such a situation where words increase scandal, time will dictate a sentence as time goes by, for only Ocelote’s own punctual defense has ignited a fire that could be put out with a more cautious tone, but Ocelote’s usual excesses in all its forms lead to such a situation.

Without researching what Ocelote’s likes or complementary posts on other social networks should mean, while apologizing on Twitter, the true meaning of forgiveness will again take time, because the results forgive, the passage of championships is also forgiven, but in a few months or a few years a new level of the same level will be forgiven. The controversy cannot sustain the ever idyllic relationship between Carlos and his community.

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