Ocelote’s quarrel with Andrew Tate, G2 still not Real Madrid


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The history of esports sometimes crosses oceans of discussion like the last one. ocelot By uploading a personal video at a party with Andrew Tate, the ideal of his comrade in the community for 2022 Worlds, an open discussion to his team, a humble viral wink that revolutionized his decisions and the claims of an entire franchise.

Can a short eight-second video change the perception of one of the biggest names in esports? How about franchise? From a brand? The answer is stored in the mind of every viewer and viewer. G2 It will evolve over the months, but it seems clear that Ocelot didn’t foresee such a tsunami while partying with Tate.

Andrew Tate is one of many celebrities canceled It is by a large part of the internet community mainly due to the radical nature of misogynistic rhetoric that once led networks like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Tik Tok to shut down all broadcast channels. From kickboxer to influencer, his messages have led him to success with millions of followers, but beyond the acknowledgment of his struggles, his ideology is on the opposite end of logic when he begins to move on to stories of misogyny.

Oddly enough, it has a loyal following like everything else on the internet today, but from that line to identity with a brand as strong as that of one of the biggest esports teams in history, the distance is vast, and many people do. They got it when they saw him in a personal video with Ocelote while sticking to his World Cup winning joke. And with the reaction of the founder of G2, everything exploded in the air.

The debate about the values ​​of friendship, the fact that ideas are shared for the simple truth of being friends, and, frankly, the identity of Ocelot himself according to his team, was echoed in thousands of comments, pro and con. The CEO and his own club declared that it was something he had destroyed, «no one can control my friendships. Here I draw my line. I’ll party with whoever I want«.

At this point the controversy arises, and with it Ocelot’s usual extremist reaction. His hallmark has always been the club, always playing with fire to show that he can win despite being the complete opposite of the team… top. The dilemma is that it has always been G2 and G2 has always been Ocelot.. Both brands merged, the protagonist of most of the same boss team’s videos, he is the protagonist when it comes to promotions, player sales templates or exercise items. both in victory and in defeat, and this sign applies to both good and evil.

Ranging from marketing to producing jerseys to champion rostering for many identity-seeking countries, this extreme proposition remains very controversial and functional, so it’s easier to connect with the club even with an external video, because in that video he’s talking about G2 even though he’s partying with his friends.

The truth is that G2 Esports has been the first link to a large part of the Hispanic community in five years, and beyond the way the club is leading the market by capturing dozens of flags, Spain and parts of Latin America have always been open to whatever samurai do, mainly in Europe and in international competitions. He had a commitment.

Now the game can change. If rumors of KOI’s entry into the LEC are confirmed, both Team Ibai as Team Heretics could be a new divisive stream of followers in the brand, marketing and follow-up is something that will grow the industry but, as so far in Europe, can divide the attractiveness level of a single team to some extent. For charm, patriotism, titles or history, one might be from MAD Lions or Fnatic, but G2 has it all rolled into one.

For the creators of the two most powerful entertainment brands, KOI and Team Heretics, their power is impossible to stop ships and can be decisive for educating any element in a time of change where everyone can meet among the elite. fan in one corner of the ring or the other, because this is far from the traditional sport.

While it may still seem bad if you are from Jaén in football and a follower of Real Madrid, the truth is that being tied to a single team (or even two teams) is commonplace in the king of the sport, but the same feeling is still scattered in esports. Some from G2, some from Ibai and most from Elyoya, but this lifetime commitment to a single brand has yet to evolve.and this seems like an ideal time to build that important emotional bond between the team and the fans.

Once this dart hits the heart, it’s difficult if not impossible to quit being a team because their president, star or coach has crossed borders more than once. You just turn the page, let time take its toll, and you hardly ever stop getting a card or going to a stadium for situations like these, but we’re in a germ in esports where nothing is certain, we’re just in that Primordial Era, and there’s time to choose a war horse.

What is clear is that Ocelot was able to avoid discussion. Regardless of his subsequent message, which reaffirmed his freedom to choose friends, he could not have imagined in his wildest dreams that a trivial viral video could reinforce such brutal criticism of him and his direct team and his ideas of adapting. Ocelote has always been a winger, accomplished and full-on in terms of image in the industry, a hallmark that places him at the top of the scale of team wins and brand image.

If the team makes history on the Worlds, in a few months the harshness of his message in reaffirming his freedom by contacting Tate may be forgotten, and such reactions may turn against him if repeated in constant conflicts with the community. is a story that must end for the sake of its brand, team, and the majority of its followers.

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