Brawl Stars’ 23 Trios Since Sam and Gus’ Appearance


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The wait to receive Gus in the cast of characters from fighting stars has a countdown for next week and with that there will be 23 official trios in the game, a story that ends with a lot to explain that expands the universe and leaves six open spaces to complete, environments to maintain and hidden doors in the starr park to keep opening.

The creation of thematic trios within fighting stars remains one of the big questions of the Supercell title after years of testing, a constant open-circle expansion in which Buzz, Otis and Gus embark on a solo journey among the 23 groups created since the last update, but when will you go again? travel, for example to Jurassic Park?

For now, Buzz is still the loneliest brawler in the group since joining the group since mid-June. fighting stars without a travel companion, something that bothered Belle until recently until the arrival of Sam, one of the most interesting characters regarding lore, both because of his relationship with the outlaw and with Colt.

The complete trios of Brawl Stars
  • the western threesome: Shelly, Colt and Spike.
  • The tribe: Nita, Bo and Leon.
  • retropolis: Taurus, Bibi and Crow.
  • the redhead family: Jessie, Nani and Pam.
  • the arcade trio: Brock, 8-bit and Rico.
  • the miners: Dynamike, Carl and Jacky.
  • The Immortals: Mortis, Frank and Emz.
  • the mystics: Gene, Tara and Sandy.
  • pirates: Tik, Darryl and Penny.
  • The trio of biologists: Bea, Rosa and Sprout.
  • the Mexicans: El Primo, Poco and Amber.
  • snowtel: mr. P, Gale and Lou.
  • The city: Barley, Piper and Byron.
  • the superheroes: Max, Surge and Meg.
  • Starr Park: Colette, Edgar and Griff.
  • Starr Force: Collar, Squeak and Eva.
  • test circuit: Stu, Janet and Bonnie.
Incomplete threesomes in Brawl Stars
  • Seabed: Otis (two missing)
  • Band of the Golden Arm: Belle and Gus (one missing).
  • Jurassic Park: Buzz (two missing).
  • Medieval castle: Ash and Grom (one missing).
  • brawlwood: Lola and Fang (one missing).
  • Spooky: Gus

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