The mystery of Gus already has an arrival date at Brawl Stars


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The tracks of the past weeks according to the official votes of fighting stars they’re being sidelined thanks to the official side of the game, and it’s that just by looking at Gus’ own countdown, it’s easy to know that the spooky young support will be available in the boxes starting Friday, September 23. , the point of your journey to Starr Park and to each of our accounts.

Gus is hiding with his balloon waiting to appear in most player boxes fighting stars will start early this Friday morning (around 8:00-9:00 CEST), all thanks to a super special rarity, one of the lowest in the entire game, so openings will be constant at the beginning of the end of the game. week.

As a curiosity, the fighter has brought with it a change of description to soften its history within the game environment, and it appears that fighting stars He wanted to allay some of that fear associated with the character being a lost kid for years after chasing a balloon, an obvious metaphor for the ghostly halo that haunts the prop.

The interesting thing about all this is that it goes a little deeper into the character’s lore if we stick to the first description, a young man who loves balloons and one day went too far to get lost forever, something that fits perfectly to the scary story of Starr Park and the perpetual permanence of certain characters trapped there. Is Starr Park 2 going to be a horror story?

Gus skill kit
  • Health: 4800
  • Movement speed: normal
  • Damage: 1380 per base
  • Range: very long
  • Reload Speed: Normal
  • Super range: very long
  • Supercharge: with three basic attacks
  • Super: Drop the ghost on the target after throwing the first base after charging the super. If that attack is missed, the ghost is stashed away until an enemy is hit.
  • Shield of the super: 1000 life when touching the ghost or 3600 shield on yourself even if you have full health.
  • Star Ability 1. Abundant Health: health recovered from crazy balloons is increased by 100%.
  • Star Ability 2. Spirit Guide: the balloon (dark) increases an ally’s damage by 25% for 5 seconds.
  • Gadget 1. Ghost Explosion: any ghosts not collected explode and deal 1800 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Gadget 2. Soul Change: Gus loses 30% health and has the ability to automatically eject a ghostly ghost like the one in the super.

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