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Lulu, Miss Fortune Heads Big List Of Nerfs In Worlds-Focused League Patch 12.18

Every year, League of Legends It’s getting a massive patch targeting meta-issues and inconsistencies that will be implemented during the World Cup. This year’s Worlds Patch does it again, with Patch 12.18 aiming heavily at the few hundred that have dominated the pro play and solo rankings for months.

Riot Phroxzon, Chief Designer Leaguebalance team, gave us all the details The nerfs players can see in Patch 12.18 will arrive on the live servers on September 21.

These changes will follow successive patches with more targeted improvements and nerfs and will be applied during this year’s roadway fixes across all worlds.

Most notable on the list is Miss Fortune, a champion who has undergone major changes in Patch 12.17, resulting in a huge increase in the champion win rate and a quick fix for the sanity patch. Since this fix wasn’t enough to stop Bounty Hunter’s level, Riot pisses him off even more with increased attack damage and increased HP per level.

Callista joins Miss Fortune while the other ADC nerved this patch. To allow opponents to handle her maneuverability more effectively, Kalista’s early game survivability has been corrected to a lower base health, returning almost completely to pre-patch levels of stamina.

One of the main nerfs released in this patch is aimed at reducing the usability of Lulu. This champion paired very well with Sivir and Xer and had complete dominance in most of the lower lanes. To prevent Yordle from having too much fun, his W has been lowered, including allies and enemy effects.

In the jungle, Hekarim, Kayn’s Rhaast form, and Nocturne are also scaled down to make them less oppressive — nerfs focus on solo queues rather than pro play.

Both Hekarim and Kane’s Raast forms have slightly less Q damage, and Hekarim also heals less with his W.

Maokai is also tweaking this patch a bit after an overhaul of the kit to bring it back to the top lane and jungle in 12.17. His passive healing decreases at later levels, while Q’s damage to monsters at all levels increases exponentially. E-skill’s AP coefficients are also lowered, which affects both the basic and advanced versions of the skill.

Patch 12.18 will be applied this year League The World Cup is expected to start on September 21.

These changes are currently being tested in the game’s PBE and it should be noted that these changes may change in the future. League patch version.

Source: Dot Esports


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