Former Gambit star jungler Diamondprox signs with Bifrost before 2022 NLC Summer Split


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One of the longest serving players in the tournament League of LegendsDanil “Diamond Prox” Reshetnikov signs with Bifrost North League of Legends Championship (NLC). The 11-year veteran spent the first half of the 2022 pre-competition season in the jungle for LCL Team Spirit. Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the spring episode was canceled.

Diamondprox and Team Spirit were undefeated in the LCL Spring Split with a 4-0 record before breaking through the competition. His longtime teammate, a supporter of Edward, was also a team spirit who went to the Greek League of Legends (GLL) Olympiakos alimos.

Diamondprox has played four of the last six seasons in the LCL, primarily with Gambit Esports, an organization closely linked to his career. Diamondprox was signed to Gambit from 2013 to 2015, before the team played in the EU LCS, and then from 2016 to 2020, when the team moved to the CIS region.

Diamondprox joins the Bifrost team with a relatively successful performance at the spring edition of EU Masters. The team advanced to the group stage of the tournament before beating AGO Rogue in the quarter-finals. Diamondprox replaces Cboi in jungle position for Bifrost.

Diamondprox will make their NLC debut at Bifrost when the competition kicks off the summer season on May 30.

Source: Dot Esports

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