15 days of rewards in Brawl Stars, a bomb for new players


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Are you new? fighting stars† Created the account a week or two ago and are you already getting used to this madness that’s going to cost you to let go? Well, you’re almost better off thinking about starting from scratch. Yes, all over again, because since the last update fighting stars has a full many rewards for new players

That is, for the new accounts created after this gift activation, so that for a few days that you have, if your account is before that day, you will not receive all of these prizes. A total of 15 rewards for the first 15 days in fighting starsideal to attract new users and also to start with a small account, if you are thinking of creating one and experimenting.

A decision that is not without controversy, because it seems that no matter how much and for free we have been given over all these years, people always want more and above all what they do not have, even if it is a simple emote. But c’est la vie.

  • Day 1: Skin Shelly Bandit
  • Day 2: Penny or Darryl
  • Day 3: Rise to Force 5 to the brawler
  • Day 4: Common Fighter Response
  • Day 5: Rise to Force 7 to the brawler
  • Day 6: Skin Fighter
  • Day 7: Gadget to choose from the brawler
  • Day 8: Common Fighter Reaction
  • Day 9: Rise to Force 8 of the brawler
  • Day 10: Common Fighter Response
  • Day 11: Rise to Force 9 of the brawler
  • Day 12: 2 special brawler reactions
  • Day 13: Great opportunity to choose the fighter
  • Day 14: 2 mythical fighter reactions
  • Day 15: Edgar or Griff

This is the total number of gifts that new Brawl Stars users will receive from now on, which amounts to Get free Barley and his magician Barley skin by linking our account to Supercell ID† Not bad to start our adventure and already two weeks after our start brawlers have reached their maximum.

And it will remain days of complaints and protests as many forget that those of us who started in 2019 also received the Shelly Estrella skin for free. That through various challenges we have been able to get countless free pins, and countless skins such as Dynamike PSG, Bo Guerrero, Rosa Catrina or V8-BIT among others… Grom, also in a challenge. Or Edgar completely free, as Darryl Megacaga’s skin was also free. Endless rewards over time, and will continue to be in the future fighting stars

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