The combination of the 32 furious bats, absurd success in Clash Royale

The depth of the target clash royale when you enter the 2v2 games, the perception changes until you develop unimaginable games like the 32 bats, an increased burst with the power of the new mirror that destroys rivals with a single condition, the disappearance of the download and the arrows in the enemy deck

Some of the cheapest cards in the game are especially satisfying when they know how to use them, and the bat is one of the most surprising precisely because it gives rise to certain simple combos that, by mastering the rival elixir, can destroy an enemy tower. can bring down if you know how to put a miner on it, the decisive moment. But there’s more.

This offensive ability, which deviates from the meta in most cases, is also used to set up some really ridiculous combos because of their concept, but hugely effective when they end games more effectively than a push from giants, witches and wizards.

The trick is to play with the elixir. Shooting down a swarm of bats with mirrors, clones and a final fury with your partner in just a few seconds, a rival attack airs for an attack of 32 troops, something hard to imagine with the speed at which these tiny creatures appear. .

Obviously in this case the game is prepared for the clip as it seems impossible to imagine a full defense with a single magician to stop all that wave of flying insects, but the truth is that it is scary to watch how the 32 creatures are even able to eat the character mystic before he can even take out part of the wave.

The new mirror with the rise of two levels to the base map It’s an exponential help to make combos as over the top as this one and while it’s used in the meta in a more measured way in short cycles, anything is possible to get it back to the top in a much more enjoyable playstyle.

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