Caps on upcoming LEC semi-final: ‘I feel absolutely free to go against Fnatic’


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Over the weekend, G2 Esports defeated Misfits Gaming in the 2022 LEC Spring Split Playoffs thanks to team play and consistency. Europe’s best crown organ League of Legends They took a comfortable 3-0 victory and advanced to the semi-finals against Fnatic.

G2 and Fnatic already faced each other in one of the opening games of the 2022 LEC Spring Split playoffs, where Fnatich was sure to win 3-1 against Caps and his teammates. Daniel was a guest of the Post-Game Lobby after mid laner Misfits. When the rematch was ready and confirmed, he was asked about his expectations for the upcoming El Cl კლასიsico in the LEC.

Caps said G2 was lacking in the teams’ final game in many ways. “The series we played against them lately was very bad for us,” said midfielder Lenner. “Obviously that was our first BO5 as a team, but it didn’t feel like we’re playing normally… we were just not on the right page the way I felt.”

Daniel follows that G2 has improved significantly in the playoffs since then. He believes that Rogue has exposed some of Fnatic’s weaknesses and the player is looking forward to the rematch. “Of course I feel comfortable in the game against Fnatic. I think they had a sad series yesterday. [against Rogue]”I think a lot of the tricks Rogue used against Fnatic could do the same,” Caps said.

Capital letters weren’t specifically included in what it meant, but it did shed some light. “I think they look like a very one-dimensional team, I think it’s hard to say. And I think most of us would say we’re a very one-dimensional team in terms of confirmation, we’re playing at the top and we have great confidence in BB. [Broken Blade] “I’m thinking about the whole regular season,” Caps said. “But I feel like we showed in the playoffs that other people can stand on their own two feet, especially because our bone line is just as big of a threat as we were in the last series, I’m sure they will do a lot against them.” fnatic”

It is not yet clear whether the G2 bot line will break the Fnatic veteran duo against Upset and Hylissang and whether their teams will be able to reach the grand final against Rogue. The series will be broadcast on Saturday, April 9. The final, where the MSI 2022 slot is at stake, will take place a day later.

Source: Dot Esports

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