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Battlegrounds Season 2 adds Quests, standalone rewards track as Hearthstone split continues

super popular hearthstone oil mode battlefields It’s coming more and more of its own, with a new paid currency and separate reward track announced alongside new seasonal gameplay features.

This change marks a significant step towards a more “freemium” model, and is the first of its kind. hearthstoneSome Story content is not available to those who pay only with gold.

The beginning of a new age

As of August 20, when hearthstoneyes 24.2 Patch Upon launch, Battlegrounds will get its own reward track with gifts specific and exclusive to the game mode.

This means that those who play exclusively in Autobutler mode will gain more items to their liking, but on the other hand, they will also lose a large amount of gold that they would have otherwise gained from the track, which can be used for various purposes. .

Rewards include emotes, skins, attack animations, and more.

Tier 3 rewards are available for free to everyone. Once the reward track goes live, exclusive Tavern Pass early access to the new heroes will be available to everyone.

The announcement also brings quite a few controversial changes. Like other mobile games, hearthstone It now also features its own quasi-currency in the form of runestones, which you can buy with real money and then spend on in-game purchases. While this provides a small benefit to players by enabling small-scale transactions that would otherwise be wasteful for game developers, these tools are primarily used to encourage predatory practices and circumvent gaming laws.

In fact, its implementation battlefields There was also the announcement that the pass will not be purchased with gold. Since the option to pick four heroes will now pay out instead of just two, there is now a tangible item that will pay out the wins. hearthstoneWhich cannot be overlooked by any kind of grinding or focused gaming sessions.

Although the developers have stated that they are “committed to maintaining balance between hero and game, so the choice of four heroes is more about choice than power,” their experience and the general design principles of the game suggest that this is not sustainable.

hearthstoneLead Features Chadd “Celestalon” Nervig explained on Twitter that there are no other features available in other modes and for purchase, such as card packs or Tavern Tickets or anything else currently available in the store.

battlefields Season 2: Quests, Anime Stuff, New Minions

However, due to the fury battlefields The prize track is an important conversation starter. hearthstone Community Right now, on the back of the announcement, there is a lot of exciting gaming content here.

Season 2 is themed “The Magic of Azeroth”, inspired by the anime, where Nozdormu forms a team, the Guardians of Azeroth, to bring down a dark flight that aims to wipe out all magic in society. Leather and other cosmetics revolve around this general theme.

Missions will offer you a goal of four (or six gold) with varying degrees of difficulty and reward. With “around 24” different quests and rewards, some of which offer low fees (or are clearly restricted to certain heroes and lobs), they will offer constant bonuses for the rest of the game once you’ve completed your objectives.

exemplary examples Includes The Smoking Gun, which reads “Your minions have +5 attack”, Evil Twin, “Start of combat: Summon a copy of your minion with the highest health” and Another Hidden Body, “Discover a minion of your Tavern Level” . Which comes with the added caveat that it can be generated indefinitely.

Two new heroes, eleven new minions, and various other updates will be in the new hearthstone patch.

Two minions have been revealed so far, in addition to:

  • Rendle the Mistermind: Level 4, 4/5, “At the end of your turn, draw a high level minion from Bob’s Tavern.”
  • Tea Master Theotar: Level 6, 6/6, “After playing a minion with no minion type, give +2/+2 to 4 friendly minions of different types.”

Missions will be revealed by hearthstone Content creators on August 23 and 24.

Source: Dot Esports


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