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Hearthstone community in uproar over introduction of pay-to-win Battlegrounds perks

The recently announced Tavern Pass exclusive to Battlegrounds in hearthstone There’s a lot of cool stuff included, but the fact that there are now two separate season passes available to purchase, neither of which can be paid for with gold, has become a huge source of controversy within the gaming community.

The ability to choose two of the four starting heroes is now fully fleshed out, a first for any hearthstoneGame modes where an in-game item that affects gameplay cannot be unlocked with gold. Many streamers and content creators voiced their concerns and criticisms about it, with their comments ranging from mild disapproval to explosive anger.

Zedd, who has long been known for his vocal criticism of hostile business practices in the game, has been particularly vocal about the changes, calling them “unsafe” and “absolute crap.”

David “Dog” Keiro briefly called it “Pay to Win,” prompting content creator RDU to jokingly ask if they should start playing. team fight tactics Instead, Cooper calls the update “terrible.”

Also, a new award song. Only reward XP for games won (finish in the top four), which is another strange design decision and may encourage more players to give up early, disrupting the pace of the balloons.

Arena content creator and former StarCraft 2 commentator Kolst called the day “a black day.” hearthstone” and raised the possibility of other game modes receiving similar changes in the future. In response to criticism, leader Chad “Celestalon” Nervig participates said on Twitter That other content will not be exclusive to the Runestone game.

Hearthstone The subreddit is also dominated by criticism of the new change and the introduction of a new premium in-game currency called Runestone, with thousands of upvotes across multiple posts criticizing the change.

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