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Hearthstone’s latest patch brings changes to the auxiliary game modes as Murder in Castle Nathria nears

arrives on july 26 hearth stoneUpdate 24.0 comes with a lot of new stuff for Battlegrounds and Mercenaries fans, with a mix of dueling changes added. Some new quality of life features are also included, but most importantly, everything is pending on August 2, the date the new Constructed expansion will be released.

The release of the new expansion is almost upon us, and the developers have made a few small changes to make the new content even more engaging. Returning players can now claim offered rewards more than once if they have been away for more than 120 days. Those looking to quickly open a ton of packages will also be happy to know that it’s now possible to press Space to continually open them. The expansion also brings a revamped rewards track for those looking for a new look for shiny new rewards.

Battlefields: small changes with big impact

Battlegrounds players will also have a new metagame to harness with the power of Heistbaron Togwaggle, a new hero called The Perfect Crime. He says: “He Steals all the minions in Bob’s Tavern. Each turn, your next Hero Power costs (1) less, and each use increases the cost to nine.

Along with the patch comes a few other minor tweaks. The Lich King, Sneed, and Edwin VanCleef can now also claim minions at Bob’s Tavern, opening up additional possibilities. Red Whelp now has two attack and two health, and Evolving Chromawing is back in the pool as well, with a 1/1 body and completely reworked text: “Once you upgrade your tavern level, get +1/+1 for each allied dragon. .”

There are also six new emotes to consider, inspired by the murder mystery that forms the core of the expansion’s story.

Mercenaries: a new trending event and many adjustments

Another limited time event has been added to Mercenaries that revolves around C’Thun. The Elder God himself is now a collectible mercenary alongside Sir Finley, and the developers have also made extensive adjustments to the 33 different characters that can be seen in detail. Patch 24.0 blog post.

Duel and Arena players also receive breadcrumbs.

Darius Crowley is a new Duels hero with equipment similar to his adventures in The Witchwood. Unsurprisingly, his gameplay revolves around the cannons he wields. Here are his hero powers and his characteristic treasure:

Darius Crowley’s hero powers

  • Fire! (two mana) – Fire your cannons! If they kill the minions, restart it.
  • Shoot! (two mana) – Fire your cannons! Give your minions +1 attack.
  • Shoot you! (three mana) – Fire your cannons twice!

Darius Crowley Signature Treasures

  • Safe Harbor (two money spell): Choose a minion and put it into your hand. value (zero).
  • Hoary Reinforcement (six mana 4/3 minion): Battlecry: Summon an additional cannon.
  • Tuskarr Raider (four mana 3/9 pirate): Rush. After these minions attacks, fire your cannons.
  • Seabreaker Goliath (10 mana 15/15 pirate): Costs (one) less to fire cannons.
  • Deck Swabbie (three mana 1/4 minion): At the end of your turn, fire your Cannons!
  • Draconic Ammo (a mana spell): Your cannons deal 1 extra damage for the rest of the game.

New passive treasures have also been added to duels related to the content of the new expansion:

  • Location, location, location! (Group One, Passive) – Start the game with your class placement.
  • Be Our Guest (Pool One, Passive): Match 3 Legendary Summons in your deck at the start of the game.
  • Brittle Bones (Group Two, Passive): After destroying a minion with a spell, summon an unstable skeleton.
  • Ring of Haste (Pool Two Ultra Rare, Passive) – Passive. Every third minion you complete is worth (one) each turn.

The Duel card pool has undergone marginal changes with this patch. Sprig of the World Tree, Gen Greymin, Baku Moon, Prince Renatal, Open the Waygate, and Blackwald Pixie are banned, while Lightning Bloom remains legal. Additionally, Plaguebringer has been removed from the passive hoard.

While no direct changes have been made to Arena, the blog post also revealed a list of kits that will be available in the project once the latest expansion is released:

  • center
  • One night in Karazhan
  • Saviors of Uldum
  • Rastakhan complains
  • Scholoman’s Academy
  • Madness at the Darkmoon Faire
  • Murder in Natria Prison

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