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Hearthstone’s 23.6 patch brings changes to Battlegrounds and seasonal Arena event

Blizzard Entertainment has prepared an announcement approaching today the hearth stone Installed with the release of a new patch. However, we accept more than just pre-orders.

With Patch 23.6, the Battlegrounds and Arena Season Events kicked off today. Darkmoon Prizes return to the Battlegrounds, and Arena players will play updated versions of the Taverns of Time cards. Contract players also got some (tough) love.

Everything here is included in patch 23.6.

Battlegrounds Updates: New Cards and Rewards

A host of new cards and a new hero have been added to the battlefields with the return of Darkmoon prizes. Some of the reveals were previously leaked during the Lobby Legends stream, but now we have a full list.

Lady Vashji, the new heroine of Battlegrounds, is Naga and has the power of a golden hero called Relics of the Deep. “Discover a Spellcraft spell of your level or lower,” the ability says. She enters the battle as an Armor Tier One character.

The power of various heroes also raged:

  • Bigglesworth: Kel’thuzad’s Kitty gives you a consolation coin if your opponent dies without minions.
  • Cariel Roame: Conviction now targets two random minions first, fourth in fourth, and third in all seven ranks.
  • Drek’tar and Vandar can now also target and copy minions in the Bob Tavern.
  • Guff Runetotem’s hero power now costs two gold and grants +3/+2 friendly minions each tavern level. To match this, the hero has now gone from the seventh layer of armor to the fourth layer of armor.
  • Overlord Saurfang’s hero power now has a constant cooling effect that switches between turns in a pyramid style with each turn.
  • Sneed’s Hero Power now grants Deathrattle to summon a random minion at the bottom level of the Tavern, but now only costs one gold. He is now at Armor Tier One.
  • Y’Shaarj now adds a minion to your hand even if you don’t have a spot on the board at the start of the fight.

Lots of new minions have been added to the pool. The number of each 1st tier minion has been reduced from 16 to 15 to compensate for this.

  • Tavern Tipper (Level One): Two attacks, two health. If you have unspent gold at the end of your row, get +1/+2.
  • Silver Patriarch (First Beast): One attack, four health. Mockery.
  • Sparring Partner (Second Level): Three attacks, two taunts. Battlecry: Make Mignon laugh.
  • Chemical Cook (second step): four attacks, four health. Battlecry: Modifies Mignon’s attack and health.
  • Yrel (level two): one attack, five health. After these attacks, grant each minion type a friendly minion +1/+2.
  • Atramedes (fourth level dragon): Three attacks, six health. When it attacks, it deals three damage to the target and its neighbors.
  • Wargear (fourth level gear): five attacks, five health. Magnetic.
  • Tunnel Blaster (Level 4) – Three attacks, seven health. Mockery. Deathrattle: Deal three damage to all minions.
  • Uther, Lightbringer (Level Six): Five attacks, six health. Battlecry: Sets Mignon’s Attack and Health to 15.

Shifter Zerus and Iron Sensei are back in the pool. Meanwhile, Acolyte of C’Thun, Menagerie Mug, Unstable Ghoul, Budding Greenthumb, Screwjank Clunker, Prestor’s Pyrospawn, Defender of Argus, and Mechano-Egg are coming out.

Several existing minions have also been changed:

  • Banner Boar is now 1/3 and delights nearby minions.
  • Annihilan Battlemaster now has five attacks.
  • Grease Bot is now a 6th tier minion with new text and items: four attacks, seven health. divine shield. Once the friendly minion loses divine shield, give it a constant +3/+2.

Darkmoon prizes are back and some of them have been updated, as well as two new ones added:

  • Good Stuff now grants +1 Offense to all minions in Bob’s Tavern for the rest of the game (was +2 Health).
  • Bouncer now gives +6/+6 and Taunt instead of +5/+5 and Taunt.
  • Bananas produced by BANANAS now have a 50 percent chance of being a great banana.
  • Banana Bunches (1st prize): Add two bananas to your hand. (50 percent chance each will be a large banana.)
  • Mindflayer Goggles (Prize Third Stage): Steal all the minions in Bob’s Tavern. Then update it.

The Taverns of Time are back in the arena, with a few changes.

Arena-exclusive Taverns of Time cards are back in the arena, promising a game of bangers and nasty hair for every member of the family. Murozond, the dragon that set your rotation timer to 15 seconds for the rest of the game but gave you two extra draws, is now gone but all is back, albeit with some modified Stalinists.

You can find all the cards added above and the list of changes below:

  • Flash Forward is now worth two mana.
  • Kronoshot now costs two mana.
  • Infinite Wolf now costs three mana.
  • Cavern Dreamer is now 1/4.
  • Blessing of Aeons is now worth zero mana.
  • Bronze Broodmother is now 6/6.
  • Deja Vu is now worth zero mana.
  • Futures Thief now costs three mana.
  • The Rift Warden is now 7/7.
  • Infinite Murloc is 2/2.
  • The temporal anomaly is 2/3.
  • Chromie is now 5/5.
  • Chances Seeker is now 4/6.
  • Consider that the past is now worth three mana.
  • The reality master is now 5/8.
  • The Draconic Herald is now 6/6.

The release of patch 23.6 marks the beginning of the new arena season. There is no confirmation of how long the new season will last. No other sets have been entered, which means that with this change, cards from the following set will be able to be drawn in this new rotation:

  • The nucleus
  • vagabond project
  • The origin of the dragons
  • in fake bars
  • United in Stormwind
  • Gorge in the Alterac Valley
  • A trip to a sunken city
  • Time Taverns

Mercenaries also gets a small update to a 23.6 patch

Three free special portraits have been added to Tyrande Whisperwind, Millhouse Manastorm, and Xyrella for those who have already completed the lesson when the patch goes live.

The new limited-time event is also live and revolves around Yogg-Saron, with two new event tasks bringing the total to 10. Completing them will unlock Yog-Saron, a legendary hired caster with 10/80 max stats. and the following features and equipment:


  • Crazy Look Five (Shadow): (Speed ​​​​Second) Deal 15 damage to the enemy or return 15 healthy characters. Accidentally changing the speed of your abilities.
  • Mind Yoggle Five (Shadow): (Speed ​​Six) Gives a friendly character +5 one attack in this regard. They attacked a random enemy. Renew the abilities of the old gods (one) for each attack in this regard.
  • Oh My Yogg 5 (Shadow): (Speed ​​15, Cool 15) Randomly use Mercs’ other five abilities to play random targets.


  • Piercing Gaze Four: The mad gaze does an additional five damage.
  • Lash of Hysteria Four: Mind Yoggle grants +5 additional attacks.
  • Awakening Roar Four: Battlecry – Improve the abilities of the Old Gods (four).

Although the patch did not contain an update on the coin glut that had plagued the game mode since its release, the developers had this to say about the situation:

“Later this year, we will add a system that will allow you to exchange your excess coins for random coins on the Merc that you own but have not yet maxed out. We needed a little more time than we wanted to implement these systems, but we wanted to let you know that we have a clear plan for our goals for these projects, are actively working on them, and they are coming. we think it’s ours Higher Priority in employee development; We just need more time to make sure it’s done correctly. ”

You can read the full patch notes Here.

Source: Dot Esports


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