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Hearthstone’s next expansion is Murder at Castle Nathria

If you thought your adventures in the shadowlands were over, you are sorely mistaken. Hearthstone The next extension is Murder at Natria CastleBlizzard said today.

Hearthstone Murder at Natria Castle The expansion will be released on August 2 and will be the themed murder mystery involving Sir Denatrius. The players who participated Natrian Castle raid sometime shadowlands The expansion recognizes Sir Denatrius as the overlord.

In the trailer, Sir Denatrius reveals the mysterious tones of Expansion Murder as he asks players to solve his murder. Murder at Natria Castle Introduce a variety of new features and keywords the hearth stone, As expected with the new expansion. The expansion includes 135 new cards, including 10 legendary suspects.

The new suspects are characters who were in the castle at the time of Denatrius’s death. All classes will have a questionable card, which is a powerful legendary minion. The extension also introduces a keyword, Infuse. Cards with Infuse receive anime from insolent spirits. Practically speaking, this means that they sit in your hands and after a certain number of friendly minions die, they can transform.

Murder at Natria Castle It will also introduce a new type of card the hearth stone, Locations. They are similar to wild spell cards that you may have seen in other card games. They will play on the battlefield at the initial cost and then have a chance that can be activated for free by you. Each activation will remove one resistance from your location card.

You can login now to get new Murder at Natria Castle Neutral Legendary, Renatal Prince. You can see all the new cards that come with it Murder at Natria Castle When it airs live on August 2.

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