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Hearthstone’s patch 23.4.3 reins in Control Warrior, Fel Demon Hunter, and other elite cards

new round the hearthstone Balance changes are up to us. EITHER unexpected patch A notice of less than a day has appeared today, with many card nerds in Constructed and some minor changes to the Battlegrounds and Mercenaries game modes.

The goal of this balancing round in patch 23.4.3 is to lower the player’s overall power level, Blizzard Entertainment said. To that end, the developer has combined several cards from the two most popular decks in Standard, along with several other featured cards.

Warrior disgrace and sad voices of demon hunters.

23.4.3 In the patch, four huge warrior cards were pinned, all targeting the dominant archetype of the warrior. Shield Shatter now deals only four damage instead of five, while the Tidal Revenant mini-set grants only five armor instead of eight as part of the Battlecry effect. A smaller portion of Warrior Colossal (large slow pirate) only reduces the cost of one mana per pirate instead of obviously reducing its value to one, and From the Depths now costs four mana instead of three.

The developer comments on these changes, noting that the team is trying to reduce the power levels of the conventional Control Warrior and Charge Warrior builds without removing them from the game outright. The team also wants to eliminate the ferocious explosive potential of Nellie and Mr. Smith.

Demon Hunters also hit: Caria Felsoul now has seven 7/7 mana instead of six 6/6 mana, pulling some power into the decks of the demon hunter who’s mad at Xhilag. Battleworn Vanguard has also been reduced to two mana by 1/2, significantly reducing its snowball potential.

Several other over-executed cards were also regulated. Wildpaw Gnoll is back at 5 Mana 3/5 in Rogue, Paladin’s Lightforged Cariel is now an eight Mana hero card, and Naga Mage’s Spitelash Siren key is now worth five Mana instead of four Mana. Druid’s Earthen Scales were broken two years ago and Lightning Bloom morphed into “Upgrade 2 Mana Crystals” instead of “Get 2 Mana Crystals Only This Way” for healthier play patterns in the wild.

Strong neutral cards are also personalized. Mr. Smith is now worth seven mana, which largely reflects the potential he has achieved from him. Schoolmaster is also reduced to four mana by 4/3; As developer feedback suggests, this card with a strong effect had no reason to come out with vanilla stats.

Hearthstone 23.4 Battlegrounds are changing

Many characters and minions have also been changed in the latest Battlegrounds patch. The strength of the four heroes has been renewed. Onyxia Broodmother’s passive now leads to 3/1 instead of Whelp instead of 2/1, and Pyramad’s Hero Power is now worth zero mana and grants two health and buffs with +1 health per turn. Do not do Use. Tamsin Roame now gives the destroyed minion’s stats to five friendly minions instead of four. Ozumat also received a text update, but this is not a functional change.

The patch also adjusted some armor levels for certain characters:

  • Alexstrasza, Death Speaker Blackthorn, Ini Stormcoil, Maiev Shadowsong, Patches the Pirate, Shudderwock, The Lich King, Trade Prince Gallywix, and Xyrella are at the first level of Armor.
  • Reno Jackson, Al’akir, Ambassador Feelin, Galakrond, Maligos, and Volgin are in the second stage of the armor.
  • C’Thun and Dinotamer Brann are at the third level of Armor.
  • Brooke, Edwin Wanklyf, Fungalmanser Flurgley, and Queen Azshara are in the fifth level of armor.
  • Deathwing, Elise Starseeker, Illidan Stormrage, Lord Jaraxxus, and Tess Greymane, are in the sixth step of Armor.
  • Aranna Starseeker, Cariel Roame, King Mukla, Overlord Saurfang, Rakanishu, The Curator, and The Rat King are in the seventh level of armor.

Also regulated by many Minons, some of Naga’s nephews seem to have returned or re-regulated in the context of a new metamorphosis. Shoal Commander is back in 2/2. Waverider’s Spellcraft spell now grants +2/+2 and Windfury. Critter Wrangler is 5/7 and grants +2/+2 for each Spellcraft spell. Corrupt Mirmidon starts at 3/3 while Tiedemister Atis goes from 7/3 to 7/8.

Bubblette is 5/4 instead of 2/5. Tarecgosa returned to the third level of the tavern with Coldlight Seer.

Employee Updates: Skills change, but no major adjustments

Rexxar’s max stats increased from 11/72 to 11/82 in patch 23.4.3. Additionally, several abilities received changes to their speed and cooldown stats:

  • Alexstrasza: Dragonqueen’s Gambit – cooldown two → cooldown one
  • The Lich King: Death Coil – cooldown one → cooldown zero
  • Yu’Lon: Jadeflame Buffet – cooldown one → cooldown zero
  • Tidemistress Athissa: Wave Crush – Speed ​​Seven → Speed ​​Six Y Riptide: cooldown one → cooldown zero
  • Xuen, White Tiger: Equalizing Strike – Speed ​​seven → Speed ​​five
  • Captain Hooktusk: Ruthless Negotiation – Speed ​​Seven → Speed ​​Two
  • Uther: Blessing of Protection – Speed ​​Three → Speed ​​First

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