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Discover the historical playlist of the GTA saga on Spotify

Spotify is reviving Grand Theft Auto game soundtracks

If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto before, you know how important the soundtrack is to the experience. Now with the announcement of the new GTA VI, this saga becomes more meaningful than ever. That’s why Spotify decided to launch a playlist called “Grand Theft Auto Radio”, consisting of the best songs from GTA history.

Symbolic titles of the epic

Grand Theft Auto is one of those games where the music used is an important element to take into account. The playlist includes “Hold the Line” (TOTO) from GTA San Andreas, “La Vida es una lentil” (Unaesta) from GTA Vice City, “Sexy Movement” (Wisin y Yandel), “Feel” from GTA IV. are included: Good (Gorillaz) in GTA V, “Young Turks” (Rod Steward) and GTA San Andreas in GTA V, “Pachuco” (Cursed Neighborhood) in GTA V and “Dare-te” in GTA IV -te” ( 13th street). The playlist contains more than 100 songs that will take you back to all the unforgettable moments you spent playing GTA.

A nostalgic playlist

Spotify offers the playlist as follows: “The perfect soundtrack for driving through Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro and more. 25 years of music curated especially for you from Grand Theft Auto’s most iconic stations is now on Spotify. But this is not enough: many songs in the saga have become unforgettable for players and are gradually being added to this playlist. What do you think is the best song in GTA games?


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