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Grand Theft Auto VI’s map leak looks huge

GTA 6’s leaked map compared to GTA 5’s Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto fans have been waiting for years for the next big release. It’s been ten years since Grand Theft Auto V was first released. However, fans continued to spend countless hours in Los Santos exploring the main game or enjoying the online multiplayer. However, the escape from Los Santos continues, as we know that Grand Theft Auto VI is in development. Our first trailer is coming soon, and we also know that Grand Theft Auto VI is set in Vice City.

Unfortunately, we’re waiting for the release of official marketing materials. All we have so far are a few leaked videos showing the early stages of the game’s development. This is not necessarily something we can rely on, as there are always areas that can change during development. Actually, we can’t say for sure how big Grand Theft Auto VI’s map will be. A fan recently took the leaked map from previous Grand Theft Auto VI videos and compared it to the map we currently have for Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA 6 map size compared to GTA 5

The results show that this new location on the map will be much larger than Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. One layer unfortunately gives players a better idea of ​​how much space they will have when exploring the game world. Jasonfromgta6_2 on X. social accounts we don’t know exactly what will be available in certain parts of the map. Some areas may be completely inaccessible to players once they start playing. It remains to be seen what exactly Vice City will offer players.

As we said, our first trailer hasn’t arrived yet. Rockstar Games has confirmed that we’ll get our first look at the latest Grand Theft Auto game in early December. But other than that we don’t know anything else. We may get a trailer with no indication of when the game will be released. Additionally, recent online rumors suggest that Rockstar Games may offer DLC for the single-player campaign. If this map is as big as it seems in the leaked videos, Rockstar Games could fill it with more content in the future. To be honest, we don’t know the post-launch plans for Grand Theft Auto VI, but we at least know that official news will be coming in a few weeks.


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