How to pass GTA 5 without doing any missions.

How to pass GTA 5 without completing missions? The procedure to pass all missions of GTA 5 can also be a kind of mission. In fact, there are several actions that we need to perform for the trick to work properly.

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With the following guide the The game will be completely open. This means you can access each mission without following the sequential order. If you’re not a big fan of following the game’s story but still want to see the missions, this method we’re describing might be the best way for you.

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Step 1

To get started, you will need to download the necessary files to do this the game can completely pass you by. We advise you to visit the following website where you will find the download link and some considerations to take into account: -pc/

Once you have the files you downloaded from the site we left (you can search for other download alternatives), all that’s left to do is Go to the GTA 5 game guides. We will see this in more detail below:

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step 2

Now again clarified that it is important to get the files Pass GTA 5 without playingWhat we are going to do is go to the Documents folder on the computer where we have GTA 5. Remember that the downloaded files must be unzipped.

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If necessary, make sure to save the GTA 5 folder or create a backup you already have in case something goes wrong during the process. Please note that depending on the computer and its version, your game may not be compatible. But it’s a risk we can take if we have it stored in the original folder.

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step 3

In the directory where it was Your game of GTA 5What you need to do is paste the files you extracted from the downloaded folder as we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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What we are going to do is to integrate the progress into our game and in this way continue with the open missions. If this trick worked, All missions are marked as successfulIn this regard, it remains to play GTA 5 as you like.

How to pass GTA 5 without completing missions?

Important: The folder that needs to be replaced is the folder called RockStar Games. If you open this folder, you will see that it consists of three others, labeled as follows:

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But Enter the game as usual. If it was open before, restart or close it to get back in.

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Play GTA 5 as a team

On the other hand if that’s what you want skip certain missionsOne way to achieve this is to play GTA 5 with other people on your PC.

How to pass GTA 5 without completing missions?

The missions in GTA 5 sometimes take a little time, but there are collaborators on the Internet who want to provide us with certain files, like the ones we have seen, so that we can do them Complete the game without completing any of the story missions simply.

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