The QUByte Connect 2020 event will bring news about 171, which is considered “Brazilian CTA”.


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QUByte Interactive, a Brazilian game development and publishing startup, has announced that the digital event QUByte Connect 2020 will take place next Tuesday, September 29.

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The event will announce news for several games in the QUByte portfolio, including 171, considered the “Brazilian GTA” and Breakers Collection, a collection that saves the cult fighting series that conquered fans in the 90s when it was released for NeoGeo was created and Arcades was released. . .

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Full details can be found in the press release below.

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Sao Paulo, September 22, 2020 – QUByte Interactive, a Brazilian game development and publishing startup, is promoting QUByte Connect 2020 this Tuesday (29th), a digital event announcing news for several games in the company’s portfolio, including 171, Breakers Collection, 99Vidas Definitive Edition and Project Colonies : MARCH 2120.

QUByte Connect 2020 will be streamed from 17:00 on YouTube on the Coelho channel in Japan with a presentation by Rodrigo Coelho. There will also be an English broadcast on QUByte Interactive’s YouTube channel highlighting the company’s global presence.

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“With QUByte Connect 2020, we will not only show gamers great titles, but also strengthen Brazil’s talent to create high-quality games that appeal to the global market,” said QUByte CEO Marivaldo Cabral, who already more than in operation. a year Decade. Experience managing national games around the world.

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One of the attractions of QUByte Connect 2020 will be 171, developed by the Brazilian Betagames group. Set in a small and humble community in the country, the open-world game is considered by many players to be the “Brazilian GTA”. Breakers Collection rescues two classic fighting games that captivated fans of the genre in both Neo Geo and arcades in the 90s. QUByte acquired the rights to the franchise last year and is now ready to share the next steps.

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Another highlight of the digital event is 99Vidas, a 16-bit style beat ’em up inspired by the 99Vidas podcast, the Definitive Edition version of which published by QUByte is currently available for Nintendo Switch.

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In addition to the release, QUByte also has a strong game development presence and will use QUByte Connect 2020 to release the first gameplay trailer of its most ambitious title, Project Colonies: MARS 2120, a 2.5D action-adventure game set in the best Metroidvania style to offer.

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QUByte Connect 2020
Submission: Rodrigo Coelho of the Coelho Channel in Japan
Date: Tuesday 29.09
Time: from 17:00
Where to see: Youtube

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