GTA 6 with hidden teaser? A strange Easter egg has been discovered.


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Take-Two is unlikely to complain about its earnings over the past few months (or even years), despite the lack of other great releases like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Grand Theft Auto V. certainly not holding up. Games, especially the GTA series. After seven years with virtually no official reports about the new installment of this popular series, gamers are enthusiastically responding to any possible leak (and not only) that could reveal something about Grand Theft Auto VI.

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Of course, it is not very sensible to steadfastly rely on arbitrary input from unverified sources. However, the situation is different when the material for speculation is provided by Rockstar itself. In the last TeaserMajor UpdateGrand Theft Auto Online There are mysterious coordinates that, when entered into a search engine, point to a location in the state of Virginia. The first to report this discovery was the West Highland Productions YouTube channel, which also drew attention to the most intriguing subject. If we load after entering these coordinates satellite photosOur eyes will see a fragment of the road that, according to fans, is suspiciously reminiscent of “VI”.

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Source: Google Maps.

This report was immediately followed by further speculation on Reddit, discussion sites, etc. Perhaps the action of GTA 6 takes place in Virginia, which would harmonize with the Roman six in the title (VI) and the English spelling of the state name (Virginia) ))? Or maybe the upcoming Grand Theft Auto Online update will bring a thread connecting the fifth online module in the series to the sixth?

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We emphasize: The above theories are just the thoughts or dreams of netizens, who may go way too far in their suspicions. The other thing is that the Rockstar Games staff apparently took the time to come up with a specially shaped pad just to be able to add this enigmatic Easter egg to the teaser. Unless they knew so about traveling there, for example when they made images that serve as templates to recreate locations in the game. Or – strange but possible – these coordinates are chosen by the fingers, a location completely at random, and fans desperately see information about GTA VI where there is none at all. Anyway, for now it’s better to hold back your imagination and wait for official, and much less vague, signals from Rockstar Games.

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