GTA Online: The Canis Kamacho comes with many discounts and bonuses.

Like every week, Rockstar Games has announced new content for GTA Online. This week there’s a new off-roader, new game modes, new race calendars, tons of bonuses and discounts.

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Canis Camacho 4×4

Rockstar describes it like this: “Reflecting on the glory days of the American 4×4, the Canis Kamacho offers the reliability of a station wagon and the power of a small battleship without compromising on aerodynamics. In the Canis Kamacho, which, like any good SUV, is worth its money with its robust chassis and spartan interior, you can look over your friends’ shoulders »

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Based on the Jeep M17, it is ideal for road use and other surfaces. It will cost GTA $345,000. It is available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

New t-shirt from Ammu-Nation

This week we can also get a new exclusive clothing item: Black t-shirt from Ammu-Nationwhich unlocks when you log into GTA Online between now and February 12.

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Earn double GTA$ and RP

Motorcycle Wars: Parachute into a combat zone armed only with a gun and pray not to get killed in Car Wars. Once on the ground, take on players with guns and heavy vehicles. The longer your team survives, the more the combat zone shrinks until players are forced to face each other. Don’t forget to open the shaft or you won’t even be able to start.

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Hardest Goal: You have a target on your back and everyone can see it, but the person in the spotlight changes by the minute. Neutralize the opposing team’s target while protecting your own to score points on the leaderboard and return home victorious.

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slasher: You may have seen enough movies to fool a fool, but can you handle a team full of movies? In Slashers, a group of shotgun walls attack the victims, and teams switch roles every 60 seconds until one of them is completely wiped out.

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Occupy: Between rocket-powered flying motorcycles and an array of deadly armored vehicles, two teams battle for control of three capture zones. Every second your team occupies territory is vital to your victory, but beware of outsiders trying to take your hard-won territory.

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Discount on Warstorck Cache and Carry

  • Mammoth Avenger – 25% off
  • HVY Chernobog (Armed) – 25% off (Buy now and trade in price)
  • Bravado Halftrack (Armed) – 40% off (buy it now and retail price)
  • From Firefly Trailer (assembled) – 35% off (buy now and trade-in price)
  • Declasse Tampa (compiled) – 40% off (buy now and trade in price)

Mk II discount

  • Mk II Upgrades – 30% off (cost to upgrade weapon to Mk II)
  • Mk II ammunition (all types) – 50% off
  • Mk II Chargers – 25% off
  • Miras Mk II – 25% off
  • Muzzle Brakes Mk II – 25% off
  • Mk II Designer Colors – 25% off

Discounts at Ammu-Nation

  • Ammo – 50% off
  • Assault Rifles – 30% off
  • Sniper Rifles – 30% off
  • Melee Weapons – 30% off
  • Body Armor – 30% off
  • Rocket Launcher – 30% off

The Premium and Time Trial races for this week are Bumblebee and Route 68.

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  • Bumblebee: Jump on a track with tunnels above the clouds (Rocket Voltic only).
  • Route 68: Through the state of San Andreas, along the famous Route 68, from the small desert towns of Grand Señora to the Pacific coast.

Have you tried the Canis Kamacho yet? What do you think of the new weekly content in GTA Online?

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