GTA V has already sold 75 million copies, what is Rockstar complaining about?.

It has been announced that Rockstar has already sold 75 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V across all platforms since its launch in 2013. These figures make it Rockstar’s best-selling game of all time, the franchise’s best-selling game, and one of the best-selling games of all times. And Rockstar, didn’t they complain that releasing the game on PC would hurt their sales?

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The figures presented by analyst Daniel Ahmad indicate a resounding success. GTA V has already sold 75 million copies across all platforms and it was initially released only for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. According to the chart below, it sold around 32 million copies in 2013, around 13 million in 2014 (with a big jump in year-end sales since its launch for Xbox One and PS4 in November this year), 15 million in 2015, starting with its release (finally) for PC coincides, and the same number in 2016. You can see this data below in the form of a graph, just confirming what we see week after week in our article about the weekly top sellers on Steam, a list, of the GTA V was released for PC just a few weeks ago.

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More pictures. Below you can see the sales level of the Grand Theft Auto franchise since the third version: GTA 3 sold about 18 million copies, which rose to 21 million at Vice City. One of the most famous games in the series, San Andreas sold nearly 30 million copies, although it was surpassed by GTA IV, which sold around 32 million copies. But then came GTA V and look at the graphics…

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With this data, Grand Theft Auto V ranks fourth in the ranking of the best-selling games of all time, ahead of Super Mario Bros (40 million) and behind Wii Sports (83 million), Minecraft (100 million) and of course the Unmistakable Tetris, which appeared in, has sold nearly 500 million copies in its history.

And Rockstar said the PC release would hurt them

I know I’ve told you about this film several times, but it’s something that has always pissed me off. Not because Rockstar decided to wait two years before launching the PC version of GTA V, giving away its origins – because the first GTAs were exclusive to PCs – but because the reasons were that they claimed their level had sales affected, something which as you can see in the data above was the exact opposite.

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According to Rockstar, the launch of GTA V for PC will not hurt them because people stopped buying the title for console, a medium they logically prefer because the price at which they sell the games gives them the most benefit. Nothing could be further from the truth, with the PC version selling for only $10 cheaper than the console version – unless it was offered a few times and for a short time on Steam for $30 – and the sales numbers on Steam at least, has always been very high. We never stopped counting their sales in the thousands.

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I sincerely hope that this data has made Rockstar reconsider and that for the next part of the saga they will not kick PC gamers again by only launching the title on consoles, so that when the Gamers get bored of it years later, the PC version. And by the way, if they ask to localize the game in Spanish, it’s great to have it in the original version for everyone who wants it, but most people prefer to translate and dub the game in their own language. With the money earned, they have enough resources to do the job well.

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