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GTA Online Halloween Update Adds Killer Clones

The final week of Grand Theft Auto Online’s Halloween mayhem adds even more gruesome cosmetics, gruesome clone wars, and other goodies to play in Halloween modes.

You can buy a BF Weevil Custom from Benny Original Motor Works; Decorated with flame stickers and roofing nails. If you log in on October 31 and play GTA Online, you can get the Sasquatch outfit for free. You can also claim the death mask from Apocalypse mode if you log in this week.

As you drive through Los Santos, you may encounter autonomous vehicles or chase a menacing figure that resembles you. Details are scarce, but it seems that if you’re in the online open world, there’s a good chance you’ll be chased by a killer clone. Beware of Clone Slasher.

You can earn double GTA$ & RP by playing Halloween mods. On Judgment Day, a small team of mighty knights pursue a larger team than the Hunted. Doomed returns to GTA Online this week. In this mode, a player is cursed and can only pass his curse by killing other players. When you complete a Condemned round, you can collect an orange and gray Tech Demon skin. In Come Out to Play, fighters chase the pilots with motorcycles and SUVs as they try to get back to their base of operations. Lost vs Damned, join a squad of angels or a squad of demons and compete for points on cards that change from night to day every 60 seconds. Weapon equipment also changes depending on the time of day.

You can also earn double GTA$ & RP in Alien Survivals, Slasher and Beast etc. Both in Arena Wars series and Slashers. There are also discounts on Arena War items and properties.

As for other cosmetics, you can get a Halloween sliding bag by completing a sales task. You can also get the Pale Old Mummy Mask or the Old Green Mask of Frank if you successfully deliver the cargo during a trade war. A variety of scary discount cars are waiting for you in Premium Deluxe Motorsport and Luxury Autos. This week at Diamond Casino & Resort, you have a chance to win the custom Albany Franken Stange in Blazing Death livery.

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