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GTA Online got another update this morning and casino visitors should be excited. There is a sale at Diamond Casino & Resort and players can call Ms. Agatha Baker to start this week.

All types of casino jobs pay Triple GTA$ and RP for the entire week, plus additional GTA$ rewards for certain missions. If players complete House Keeping, they will receive an additional $100,000. Completing Cashing Out will give you an additional $200,000, and all of Agatha’s unofficial missions will give you an additional $200,000. These additional rewards will be awarded within 72 hours of completion. Additionally, players can get 40% off Arcade properties and discounts on various casino products, such as Penthouse customizations. Of course, there’s more to this week than just spending time in and around the casino.

This week’s update also gives double GTA$ and RP in Overtime Skirmishes, Open Wheel Racing, and Gerald’s Endgame Contact Missions. Overtime shots allow players to launch their vehicles up a ramp, then parachute onto small platforms to the ground. Open Wheel Races are F1-style races that force players to use KERS boosters to maneuver around the track. Finally, Gerald’s Last Contact missions feature players helping Gerald evade the Marabunta Grande gang and bikers.

In addition to additional rewards, players can switch to the vehicle upgrade side. This week’s award-winning ride is the Übermacht Zion Classic, which players can unlock by competing in the top five of the LS Car Meet Races for three consecutive days. If players want to return to the casino, they can try their luck at the wheel and try to win the latest jackpot, Dinka Sugoi. Players who just want to try out new cars can visit LS Car Meet and try the Progen Emerus, Truffade Thrax and Vysser Neo. These cars were also rated this week if players thought they liked them enough. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S users will also have access to Hao’s new Premium Test Drive, Pfister Astron Custom.

The latest prize rides are available at the LS Car Meet in GTA Online.

Finally, there are new discounts in GTA Online. These discounts end on July 18.

  • Progen Emerus – 30% off
  • Truffade Thrax – 30% discount
  • Vysser Neo – 30% discount
  • Vapid Caracara 4×4 – 30% discount
  • Annis Hellion – 30% discount
  • Vulcar Nebula Turbo – 30% discount
  • Oboe Maxwell – 30% discount
  • Lampadati Komoda – 30% discount
  • Nagasaki Outlaw – 30% off
  • Ubermacht Rebla GTS – 30% discount

GTA+ members also have a new list of rewards this month, including:

  • Rooftop at The Diamond Casino & Resort
  • Ocelot Locust sports car
  • Free clothes and accessories
  • Double GTA$ for standard time trials and quadruple reward for data breaches
  • 1.5X GTA$ to complete the final contract
  • Extra member benefits

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