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Unraveling the terrible plot of Genshin Impact

Abyss Order: Your guide to the mysterious faction in Genshin Impact

The mysterious group Order of the Abyss rules the Genshin Impact universe. Seeking to reclaim the ancient world of Khaenri’ah, they operate in the shadows, disregarding the lives lost in their quest. Many characters, such as Skirk and Surtalogi, are connected to the Abyss and Khaenri’ah, suggesting a connection between the Abyss and the Old World.

The Abyss of Genshin Impact: What We Know

abyss creatures

During the ‘Requiem of the Echoing Depths’ mission with Dainsleif in Genshin Impact’s Chasm, players realized that hilichurls, like many other common monsters, were once human. After the fall of Khaenri’ah, they were cursed for resembling masked monsters that hid their true nature.

terribly royal

When players first saw the missing brother, he was revealed to be the Prince/Princess of the Abyss. This was, of course, tragic news, as players were encouraged to fight Abyss monsters all along. Brother Abyss didn’t seem to care much, but was he really the best option? Is it inevitable that the ancient world will return to a period where Teyvat cannot be changed?

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When players learned about Skirk through Genshin Impact, it was unclear whether he had traveled to the Abyss or lived there. However, after the final search for the Archon of Fontaine, he confirmed that he would remain there and receive further training. He spoke of someone he called “The Unclean One.” » This point came up regularly in discussions. Stay tuned to see what might happen in future regions of Genshin Impact.


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