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Honkai: Star Rail’s biggest failure, Genshin Impact’s biggest success

Genshin impact vs. Honkai: Star Rail: How was the first one more successful?

HoYoverse has developed two major games: Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. These two games share similar gameplay mechanics, similar release schedules, etc. So how does Genshin Impact succeed where Honkai: Star Rail may fail?

Genshin Impact: Success Story

As a veteran of gacha games, I know all too well how these types of games can make you want to spend money until your wallet is empty. Designs become flashier, new mechanics are introduced, but most of all, characters become stronger. Not only do the characters become stronger, but the content also becomes increasingly difficult, so you don’t just want to have a better character; Do you really need this? In general terms we can call this ’empowerment’.

Power drive is a concept common to all online service games. Do you play League of Legends? Compare a champion released today to some of the game’s first champions. Power creep is a real-life concept where new characters or mechanics outperform old ones, often leaving old champions useless.

But here’s my favorite and almost unbelievable part of Genshin Impact: the power boost… doesn’t actually exist. Fans have noticed a trend toward “reverse power boosting,” as they call it. The new characters in Genshin Impact don’t step on the toes of the old ones. In fact, many of the new characters in Genshin Impact are much worse than many of the characters at launch.

How does Genshin Impact prevent empowerment?

I don’t think power-ups are necessarily bad in a game. It seems logical that every online service game introduces new, interesting mechanics and additions to the game. Why else would you keep playing for a year or more after the initial craze started?

Surprisingly, Genshin Impact does not accept power-ups at all. How is this possible? First of all, the new characters in Genshin Impact manage to introduce new mechanics into the game without overdoing the numbers. Characters like Cyno can deal the same amount of damage as a higher 5-star character, but the way they deal damage is unique thanks to a special mini-game in Elemental Blast that is unlike any other character in the game.

It’s also worth noting that Genshin Impact’s team process often stars old characters alongside new ones. For example, the release of the Dendro item introduced new gameplay mechanics that effectively strengthened older characters through greater synergy.

Ultimately, Genshin Impact keeps its new characters in check, but doesn’t turn the existing difficult content into something that will leave the old characters in a difficult situation.

The trap Honkai Star Rail fell into

What I like about the way Genshin Impact handles its characters is how it minimizes the fear of missing out on certain aspects of a gacha game. In other Gacha games, I often searched for characters for fear of missing out on massive damage or excellent support mechanics. Unlike Genshin Impact, when I play Honkai: Star Rail alongside Genshin Impact, I can already tell that the two games are different in this regard.

Genshin Impact’s elemental combat system keeps older characters fresh, as elemental reactions can deal as much damage as someone who can cast very high raw numbers. Honkai: Star Rail isn’t like that. It is a turn-based game and the only goal is to reduce the HP of your enemies. There is no need to mix elements to create reactions like Spray or Combine to deal explosive damage.

Additionally, I think Honkai: Star Rail could really benefit from giving characters some weaknesses, something they don’t do as well as Genshin Impact.

All in all, while Honkai: Star Rail is almost as mundane as Genshin Impact, if not more so, and while its auto battles and daily requirements are less demanding than Genshin’s, it isn’t afraid to push out the endgame content expand with even tougher battles.

Honkai: What can Star Rail do to prevent power surges?

Besides keeping the numbers in check, I think Honkai Star Rail could really benefit from giving his characters some weaknesses. Honkai’s: I don’t think Star Rail is at a point where more power matters… yet. ”.

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