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Genshin Impact Dev Considers How Time-limited Events can be made playable in the future

Between the explorable world and the evergreen story content in Genshin Impact, one of the ways open world adventure keeps people engaged over time is through temporary events that they often don’t have access to. . But developer MiHoYo may be looking for a way for players to experience them again.

While some events, such as Windtrace and Lost Riches, return, others with related character development seemingly disappear forever, or if they return, the story content has changed between iterations to account for how the story has evolved since then. .

But in an interview with IGN, a MiHoYo spokesperson acknowledged the community’s regret for the lack of story events for characters like Albedo and Childe, and the desire to at least capture some sort of story summary option. information that players may have overlooked before entering the wiki.

With limited-time seasonal events, we want to show players how the world of Teyvat and each character has changed over time outside of the main story. Therefore, even if events like the Golden Apple Archipelago return in version 2.8, there will be significant changes in the characters, stories and gameplay. But we take into account the issues you mention and in the future we may have new ideas as our technology and productivity progress.

MiHoYo has also worked hard to bring its technological advancements to several other areas, such as the upcoming compatibility improvement for PS5 gamers using DualSense controllers. And MiHoYo has confirmed that the announced Switch version is still in development, though it hasn’t been processed yet. We’ll likely see the studio deal with various time-limited event transitions over the years, especially as we move forward with the decade’s roadmap, introduce more characters and continents, and get further and further away from the earliest moments in the game. history. .

We also spoke to miHoYo about why it took so long for the Dendro item to be added to the game. For more information, check out our review of Genshin at launch, along with a few new characters for 3.1.

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