Because Genshin Impact’s Dendro element took so long.


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When Genshin Impact was first launched, it featured playable characters for six elements: Pyro (fire), Hydro (water), Anemo (wind), Electro (electricity), Cryo (ice), and Geo (earth). However, anyone who pays attention to the Genshin tradition. some of his monsters, even the loading screen, would find a seventh element seemingly missing: Dendro or nature.

In the first two main episodes of Genshin Impact, Dendro was elusive. But with the introduction of 3.0 and the dendrocentric continent of Sumeru, we finally get a taste of the green. Bow Collei and Tighnari users launched Dendro with the Traveler and got a Dendro item through Sumaru’s story, with more to come.

But why did it take developer miHoYo so long to introduce Dendro, especially when all the other elements were there from the start? What took a little longer in Dendro’s vegetable steamer?

In an interview with IGN, a Genshin Impact spokesperson shed light on what exactly brought Dendro to bond with his elemental siblings and why his character was a bit slow to release:

The Dendro element is the final piece of the puzzle in the seven element system. It is also the representative element of Sumeru, the nation of wisdom. Therefore, when designing the nuclear reaction mechanics, we wanted an element with a deeper gameplay that would allow for multi-element reactions.

However, we did not find a mechanic during the design phase that the development team would find satisfying and innovative. As the development of the Sumeru region progressed, we gathered more ideas and inspiration in the midst of continuous improvement. We’ve established a deeper connection between the Dendro element and the Pyro/Hydro/Electro elements so that the elemental reactions are reflected not only in the characters, but also throughout Sumeru’s ecological environment.

For example, there are many plants and creatures with the Dendro feature. Such plants and creatures have the potential to exhibit a polymorphic transformation that alters their appearance, function, and even behavior. That’s why we published the Dendro element with its depicted nation.

So for Dendro, miHoYo mostly wanted interactions with multiple elements, but he struggled to find the right one until Sumeru’s development gave him some inspiration.

The basic concepts of the element Dendro have always been catalyst, wisdom and life. However, the in-game presentation of the gameplay has gone through many iterations over time. We hope the dendro element not only symbolizes Sumeru’s image of the nation of wisdom, but also has a basic reaction system that fits common sense and includes enough strategy and gameplay variety to tie the multiple elements together.

Sumeru, Dendro, and everything else we see in version 3.0 are all part of an ongoing 10-year content roadmap for Genshin Impact that began with launch. MiHoYo said it has a “pretty clear long-term plan” that couldn’t be shared due to spoilers. But everything we know from Genshin’s knowledge indicates that we will probably visit the respective continents of all elements (Cryo, Pyro and Hydro) where we have not yet been. MiHoYo stated that Dendro is “the final piece of the puzzle in the seven-element system”, so it’s unlikely we’ll get new surprise items, but it’s certain that more dendro characters will add even more interesting element interactions in the future.

We also spoke to miHoYo about plans to bring back limited-time seasonal events that have already been completed. For more information, check out our review of Genshin at launch, along with a few new characters for 3.1.

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