Fortnite: Feature Film to be considered by Epic Games.

Epic Games will consider creating an “entertainment division focused on scripted video programming.” That is, the company will prepare a sector to work in animated films. The information comes from the information website.

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The publication claims that the producer is considering releasing a feature film of Fortnite, its popular battle royale, and has already hired three experienced film executives, all with clearance through Disney.

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According to SamaGame, Jason McGatlin is currently the president of Mystery Division for Special Projects at Epic. Previously, he was vice president of physical productions at LucasFilm and served as executive producer on recent Star Wars films.

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Alongside him are Lynn Bartsch and Chris Furia, also former LucasFilm employees, in Epic Games’ new division as business director and vice president of finance for productions, respectively.

According to Gamespot, Epic will explore the possibility of working with films due to the recent defeat in the lawsuit against Apple. The creator of Fortnite is said to be looking for other ways to monetize the brand, as the game will be absent from the App Store for a period of around 5 years, along with a ban from the Google Play Store.

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Fortnite: Feature Film to be considered by Epic Games

Considering that the game already includes several films that accompany the island’s mysteries and feature new characters and seasonal plots, it is possible that a film based on the game will address themes already seen in the Battle Royale. Perhaps the plot explores the mysteries of Ground Zero or the organizations known as The Seven and the Imaginary Order?

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So far, there is no further information or details about the mysterious entertainment division or the possible Fortnite movie.

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Fortnite: Feature Film to be considered by Epic Games