How do I enable Fortnite two-factor authentication?.

How do I enable Fortnite two-factor authentication? If you are already part of the Fortnite followers and want to learn how to take care of your account security, it’s time to learn step by step how to enable two-step verification.

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The truth is that our safety is important, and even more so when it comes to video games. For this reason, it is highly recommended Spend time turning on two-factor authentication in your Fortnite account, and to be honest, it’s pretty simple.

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Importance of enabling 2FA

If you have a Fortnite account and You haven’t decided to turn on two-factor authentication yetThen it’s time you did because it will give you more peace of mind and you’ll be a little more protected.

When enabling two-factor authentication We will be safer against possible scammers. You will also achieve an exclusive gesture.

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How do I enable Fortnite two-factor authentication?

If you didn’t know one of the most important requirements to access the Fortnite Cups It is correct to have two-step verification active and use it to get rewards like skins. The truth is that there are many reasons why you should enable this security feature in your account.

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Steps to Enable Fortnite Two Factor Authentication

Don’t worry if you still don’t know how to enable Fortnite two-factor authentication. The truth is that this type of procedure is easier than you might think and here we let you follow it step by step. So grab a pen and paper and take notes.

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How do I enable Fortnite two-factor authentication?

Step 1: Sign in

The company Epic Games has explained in detail How to turn on Fortnite two-factor authentication.

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One of the first things we will do is Go to the Account Settings page Click here. Once inside, you will need to log in with your registration details.

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Step 2: Click on “Password and Security”

After signing in with our registration data What we need to do is click on the “Password and Security” tab. Now go to the Two-Step Verification section and click on the 2FA option you want to enable.

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  • Third party authentication app
  • SMS verification
  • Email Verification

Step 3: Download Google Authenticator

In the case of Select the third-party verification option, then you need to download an application to perform such an action. Although there are many good options, we recommend using Google Authenticator.

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Step 4: Check the activation

What you really need to do now is Confirm that two-factor authentication is enabled in your Fortnite account.

You can update the account page to verify that the authentication method shown is enabled with a blue button that says “Enabled”. If so, you have followed all steps correctly. It is also possible to choose more than one authentication method.

How do I enable Fortnite two-factor authentication?

Reasons to enable two-factor authentication

The truth is this There are many reasons to enable two-factor authentication in FortniteHowever, here we leave you with some of the most important ones:

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  • Protect your account
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Compete in the Fortnite Cups
  • Make gifts in the item shop
  • Facebook
  • Twitter