How to get Fortnite Alien Artifacts?

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Super Neptunia RPG – Behind the scenes

How to get Fortnite Alien Artifacts? These artifacts have one of the The most notable news of the seventh season of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass. The reason for this had to do with two main points in Fortnite, the first of which was that it serves to unlock customization items for the Kymera skin, and also one of the most distinctive points of this game, the forms.

For all these above reasons, we will be explicit about it in this article how and where to get these alien artifacts.

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how to get them

The first thing to emphasize is that there are two ways to get these artifacts. The first is to open the cosmic chests, and the second option is to get them all over the stage, considering that New alien artifacts are added to the island every week in this mode.

Weeks of Extraterrestrial Artifacts

One of the most important things to keep in mind to get this is that it doesn’t matter what game mode you’re in or what time you’re playing Your locations are accurateand they are the following: The first artifact we will find can be found in the Hamburger Restaurant.

How to get Fortnite Alien Artifacts?

It is south of Sacred Hedges. More specifically, the Alien Artifact is in the wooden building with several pallets made of the same material in the southwest of the area. This artifact is above the antenna and the If you pick it up, we get 4 units of alien artifacts.

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Second artifact.

The second artifact we will find on the island is in the Watchtower east of the Faithful Shore. This is especially true on the stairs leading up. If you manage to pick up this artifact like the previous one, you will get 4 units of alien artifacts.

How to get Fortnite Alien Artifacts?

third artifact

It is located in The disaster in the middle of the crater in the water. As with the previous one, picking up this artifact gives you 4 units of alien artifacts.

Fourth artifact.

To get this fourth artifact, you need to Orchard located north of the Corriente complex. You are in this area, specifically in the apple trees on the west side, near the house on the north side of this area. As with all previous ones, we will receive 4 units upon collection.

How to get Fortnite Alien Artifacts?

fifth artifact

To find this last artifact, you need to Hateful Corner. For this you need to go to the northeast of the area where you can see a raised platform. This is exactly where the alien artifact is located. Another reference point is the reset bus, in fact this point is more accurate than the platform and therefore the artifact is north of it.

As we said with all the artifacts to pick them up offers 4 units of Alien Artifacts.

Second week

In the second week, the artifacts are similarly divided into finds 5 artifacts across the island; which will be in: the attractive antenna, the watchtower, northeast of the pleasant park, the bridge south of the current complex, the Brutus drain, the watchtower, northeast of the Calígine field.

How to get Fortnite Alien Artifacts?

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