Fortnite Battle Royale introduces cross-play between mobile, console and PC.

Developer Epic Games has just announced that their Fortnite Battle Royale game will soon be available for mobile devices. And it allows cross-play between all platforms where this game is available, which was highly requested by all users and was not possible until now.

If there are two multiplayer games currently dominating the world scene, they are Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. We know that the former is consistently on Steam’s list of best-selling games, but the latter is not far behind in terms of concurrent player count and recently managed to surpass the almighty PUBG in that, quite an achievement for gamers. responsible for this game.

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Fortnite surpasses PUBG in concurrent players for the first time Juan Diego de Usera February 9, 2018 • 13:02

Little by little, Fortnite has grown and created a very stable and solid base of users who mostly prefer it over PUBG, firstly because it is a free game, secondly because it is better implemented than the others and secondly because it ultimately offers better gameplay if that.

Fortnite Battle Royale introduces cross-play between mobile, console and PC

Crossplay was one of the most requested aspects for this game

Now that Fortnite is playable on major gaming platforms like PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, players on those platforms wanted the ability to compete against each other regardless of what platform they were playing on. The problem so far has been Sony’s refusal to enable cross-play with its PlayStation platform, making this feature unavailable. And this also applies to other games like Rocket League or Minecraft, for example, where their players cannot share experiences.

The other good news is where we started the article and that is the upcoming availability of the game on Apple’s mobile platform… Yes, it’s true, Android users will have to wait a few more months to get Fortnite on our phones and tablets, which iOS users will be able to do in no time. To access the game (initially invite only) you need to go to the Fortnite website and register to receive an invite, which also includes several invites that you can forward to your friends.

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On the mobile platform, Epic Games ensures that the game is identical to the other platforms it was developed for: the same playstyle, the same map, the same content and the same weekly updates.

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