11 tips for Fortnite beginners.

wealth is one of the biggest phenomena in the gaming world in recent years. The game, which started as a PvE game, took another last minute twist and became one of the most popular titles in the world, further popularizing the genre. Battle Royale and forge several strong partnerships with famous musicians and major film studios.

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Already in the third chapter and twentieth season, it is not surprising that some players are afraid to jump out of the Battle Bus and embark on an adventure through the island’s biomes. Interestingly though, this might be the best time to start your Epic Games shooting saga.

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Tips to dominate in Fortnite

With the beginning of No build mode, Fortnite now allows players to enjoy the game the way they want. But that doesn’t mean victory is guaranteed: whether you’re participating in construction battles or just wild firefights, you still need to pay attention and know the game. Thinking about new players and the people who are now returning to the game, we separate some very useful tips.

1. Enjoy the first matches

The first match of all new accounts always pits players against bots – and only bots. This decision by Epic should make it easier for beginners to get used to the game mechanics in addition to an almost guaranteed first win.

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Over time, lobbies become a bit more difficult as matchmaking fills matches with more players of similar skill. Use this time to learn the basics of the game.

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2. Start with no construction

Since the beginning of Chapter 3 Season 2, Epic Games has introduced a new game mode in which it is impossible to build your own structures. The decision was somewhat controversial as it would theoretically remove the biggest difference from the game: the building battles.

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However, the truth is that the developer managed to revive the flame of his game that lost players and popularity by launching the No Constructions mode. Playing without worrying about building or getting completely destroyed by other more experienced builders was a plus for veterans and newbies alike.

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The best way to adapt to the game, learn more about the island, and learn more about the metagame is to play carefree. For this reason, it is recommended to play Fortnite without buildings.

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3. Learn to build

Despite the new “No Builds” mode, the traditional game modes are still available and it is highly recommended to go there as well. If you don’t want to learn how to build real matches right away, you can practice in creative mode, where you can compete with other players or alone. Just a few minutes a day practicing your building skills can make a world of difference when it comes to “let’s see.”

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4. Know the map

In addition to buildings, Fortnite is also known for being constantly updated. Unlike other games in the genre, which often have two or more maps, the Epic Games game only has one island per chapter…but it’s constantly evolving.

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Almost weekly, the game island undergoes some changes, with some locations being removed or updated. In addition, each new chapter takes players to a completely different island (albeit often with familiar points of interest). Knowing the map is important, so take the time to catch up on the island changes each week.

11 tips for Fortnite beginners

5. Adapt to the metagame

Like the map, the game’s meta is constantly changing, so committing too much to a single playstyle is not recommended. Explore other avenues where possible: try playing with weapons you wouldn’t normally use, test newly added items, and see what gear has been used the most by the community over the past few weeks. Know the Fortnite metagame and use this information to your advantage.

6. Configure the controls

Although Fortnite comes with some pre-configured control options, players can change button settings in all available versions. It allows players to customize the keys on their keyboards, the buttons on their controllers and the commands on their touch screens to have a more enjoyable, intuitive and personalized gaming experience.

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7. Talk to NPCs

In addition to up to 100 players, the island is inhabited by a number of NPCs in all Fortnite matches. Although there are fixed locations, their presence is not 100% guaranteed. So if you see a character walking around that isn’t controlled by other players, it’s always a good idea to approach them and interact with them.

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By talking to NPCs, players will receive experience points and at least one random item for free. Not to mention that each character has their own little shop where items like shields, weapons and even very useful services like teleportation vents and even the possibility to be hired as a “bodyguard” can be bought.

8. Don’t attract attention

If you’re not very skilled at the game and already have a habit of taking out dozens of players per match, playing quietly might be the best way to survive until the end of games. Start by collecting weapons, shields and mobility items, but avoid skirmishes as the sound of gunfire can attract other players.

You don’t have to hide for the whole game, but if you are looking for victory in Fortnite, it can be interesting to stay calm in forests, houses, buildings, chemical toilets and even garbage cans until few players sympathize.

9. Don’t ignore loot

Never miss out on the best possible loot during matches. Of course, skill level matters, but many battles in Fortnite are decided by the player’s loot. It’s important to always have full shields, high rarity weapons to deal more damage, and a mobility item or two to get out of tight situations.

11 tips for Fortnite beginners

10. Analyze your mistakes

As expected in a Battle Royale, only the best player (or team of players) survives in the end. In other words, getting eliminated will happen all the time – but trust me, it can be a good thing. If someone beats you on the battlefield, try to think about how the situation could have been avoided before you get angry.

Memorize the moves, review what you did or didn’t do, reflect on your loot and your actions. This makes it less likely that you will repeat the same mistakes in other games (and take advantage of situations where other players make similar mistakes).

11. Watch other players’ games

One way to increase your game awareness is to watch other players play. Whether you see pros or content creators on streaming platforms, or even some regular players in games where you get eliminated, keep watching and analyzing the games. You can discover new strategies and also learn from the mistakes and successes of others.

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time of victory

Whether you’re a new player or someone who left the game and is coming back, with these tips in mind it’s time to put it all into practice and dominate Fortnite Battle Royale matches! Congratulations!