Apple beats Epic Games in battle between Fortnite and App Store.

As the battle between Epic Games and Apple continues, the latter has officially filed a counterclaim against the Fortnite developer for damages for breaching the developer contract.

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Apple beats Epic Games in battle between Fortnite and App Store

In the new lawsuit, Apple says Epic Games is not the “modern corporate Robin Hood” it claims to be.

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Apple included the following statement as part of Epic’s new breach of contract lawsuit. The move marks a counterattack on Epic as the dispute escalates.

“Epic’s lawsuit is nothing more than a fundamental disagreement over money,” Apple said in a filing in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. “While Epic presents itself as a modern-day corporate Robin Hood, it’s actually a billion-dollar company that simply doesn’t pay anything for the tremendous value it derives from the App Store.”

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It is currently unclear how much compensation Apple is demanding from Epic. But it might not be a huge amount, as Apple seems to be trying to recoup the money it lost in the few hours Epic rolled out its own payment method in Fortnite on iOS before pulling it out.

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The other part of the counterclaim asks the court for a “permanent injunction” to block Epic Games’ direct payment option.

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Apple is now taking it a step further by asking the court to hold Epic liable for breach of contract and other charges, demanding a refund of all funds Fortnite has collected through its payment system, and seeking a permanent injunction blocking its mechanism prohibit. external payment in all applications, including Fortnite.

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In the new lawsuit, Apple describes Epic’s actions as a “stealth robbery” and the instant payment feature as a “commission theft feature.”

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Unbeknownst to Apple, Epic has recruited a legion of lawyers, publicists and engineers to orchestrate a sneak attack on the App Store. Just after 2 a.m. on August 13, 2020, the morning Epic was scheduled to activate its stealth hidden commission feature, Sweeney sent another email to Apple executives saying, “Epic will no longer respond and does not comply with Apple’s payment processing restrictions.”

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To put this into context, after Epic banned Fornite from the App Store hours after Epic hacked its own payment system, Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple to restore it and also operate its own App Store on iOS devices.

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Apple responded by notifying Fortnite before terminating its developer accounts.

Apple beats Epic Games in battle between Fortnite and App Store

Epic filed another lawsuit asking the court to stop Apple from deleting its developer accounts. The judge ruled that Apple could not terminate Epic Games development accounts related to Unreal Engine, but could terminate those related to the game it used for Fortnite and other titles.

Apple kept repeating that Epic could prevent its developer accounts from being deleted by sending an update to Fortnite’s game to remove the instant payment feature (and continue with their lawsuit). But Epic did nothing and Apple terminated its developer accounts, except for Unreal Engine on August 28.

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Then, just a week later, Epic filed again, asking the court to force Apple to allow Fortnite back into the App Store. However, this seems highly unlikely as the Northern California District Court Judge ruled on the issue.

Apple beats Epic Games in battle between Fortnite and App Store

According to a Buyshares report, Epic could lose up to $26 million in revenue per month if it is denied access to the App Store. Meanwhile, Apple said Epic earned a total of $600 million from Fortnite on its App Store.

We will see how this litigation ends.

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