Was Apple right to ban Fortnite from the App Store? (Opinion).

The topic of the week was undoubtedly the banning of Fortnite in one of the most popular stores in the world, the Apple App Store. The hours passed and many opinions, criticisms and viewpoints emerged. Previously, the Cupertino team withdrew Fortnite due to a clear violation of the App Store’s internal policy. Epic Games released a fairly timely response consisting of an explanation and a very direct video that points to a dispute as to why. This video is the remake of the original Apple commercial, the famous commercial from 1984. Was Apple dishonest with this move? I will give my opinion, but first a brief description of the problem.


Apple and Google versus Epic Games for Fortnite

What was Epic Games’ mistake? Stand against two of the most powerful businesses and those who control the largest number of mobile phones in the world. It comes at a price, the Fortnite app was pulled because they hid an update where they included their own instant payment system instead of just using in-app purchases (within the app) from Apple and later Google.


The dynamics surrounding App Store policies are familiar to many users and developers. Those from Cupertino charge a commission percentage (30%) for creating and listing their apps in their store, in addition to an annual fee of $99. This can be done in two ways, through direct purchase of the application or through subsequent purchases that are possible for an additional service or function in the application.

Developers and all apps in the App Store are prohibited from having any payment alternatives other than Apple’s. You can’t waive the 30%, and any fees a developer sets—according to the set price level—must be reviewed by Apple. So the developer keeps 70% of the revenue. In Mountain View they followed the same practice and Fortnite was eventually banned.

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Epic Games is against monopolies

Epic Games was not only happy with these changes, but also offered its customers an additional discount if they decided on their payment system. Apple and Google have demanded a new update that will have to adhere to the rules as they apply to all developers.


Epic Games launched against Apple and Google, exercising its “right of reply” with a civil antitrust suit. The said requirement is stated and is based on a “set of competitive restraints and monopolistic practices”. Then the fake video that we’ve included below appeared.

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Android users can rest assured that the operating system itself allows you to install any app outside of the Google Play Store. And on iOS?


A constructive opinion based on the rules of each company

In addition to exercising a “monopoly” (or duopoly, since they are two of the strongest businesses), both companies have the right to negotiate with the developers; either by companies or the developers themselves. They also know the terms and conditions they are subject to in order to be part of some transaction. It is such a relevant topic that several users, media and journalists who know the basics of business and sales know that Apple and Google exercise their right to remove Fortnite from their stores.

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Is this a fair commission on purchases? Analysis Group published a study commissioned by the App Store and other digital stores on 22 July this year. These are the 3 main tables where you can see the commission schedule of various stores, including Epic Games. Data on commissions collected by content distribution platforms is also included.


Being on a platform with millions of users, be it YouTube, Twitch, Amazon, App Store, Google Play Store, etc.; It’s a giant projection window that anyone creating content or designing an app can enter.


So a practical example that I have read and heard in various places: Imagine you are selling a new product or service where you have no idea which customers you are dealing with. No matter how many strategies you have, the ultimate goal is to achieve it and generate sales. Do you want to use a channel where your products or services are visible to everyone? You have to negotiate with the people in charge of the channel, business is business. what do you give back Money converted into commission for using this channel.

Was Apple right to ban Fortnite from the App Store?  (Opinion)

If you can create your own sales window, you can do it yourself. If Fortnite knew what it was doing, why is it attacking distribution channels with lawsuits? Many say it’s a desperate attempt to get everyone’s attention. I sum it up as Fortnite competing with other titles that are in orbit and don’t want to lose users. Which side are you on?

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