Fortnite: where to find sorbusas to get health or shield

The island of Fortnite contains numerous new features in this Chapter 4 – Season 1, such as the island itself, or the appearance of motorcycles, kinetic ores and all kinds of elements that we may already be more than used to.

But the island has also been invaded by a new kind of creature like sherbet jellyfish, commonly known as sorbusas. Some small allies that will help us restore or maximize our health and shield, and also serve as a mini impulse grenade of sorts in case we get into a confrontation. Win win.

These sorbusas have been with us for a few weeks now, but it is so far that they are the protagonists of one of the weekly missions. A pretty simple one really, but one we better complete before we lose it, as the weekly missions don’t pile up like they used to.

Where to find sorbusas in Fortnite

This mission challenges us gain health or shield by jumping on sorbusas, especially a total of only 50 points. Given something practical, because if we jump on one of them, or if we crash, we add 20 points of what we need most. So with just three hits, we completed the mission.

Of course, for this we must have a health or shield margin, that is, there is little point in getting a group of sorbusas to the maximum. If so, let’s try to find a cliff to fall off and lose a little life.

The where to find the sorbusas It’s already another matter. well their locations are randomized between matches, so that nothing guarantees that in the place where we saw them once, we will see them again next time. Of course, the sorbusas prefer warm biomesso it seems more likely you’ll find them in areas around the Kinetic Quarry, the Citadel, Picturesque Plaza, or Contraposed City.

Source esports: eldes marque


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