Could Apex Legends be a match for Fortnite? The new Battle Royale reaches 2.5 million users in one day.

What seemed impossible can now become probable. And Apex Legends hit the market in a way more than brilliant, having reached an astonishing number on day one: 2.5 million users. The number still leaves one, as the creators estimated an estimated 600,000 concurrent active users during peak times. Given these numbers, is Apex Legends a future competitor for Fortnite? what graphics card is required for playback?

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Apex Legends: A New Battle Royale

While it is true that some of us wanted to play, due to various bugs in the game itself, it was not possible and we are waiting for a solution from Respawn.

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Although with minor problems, other users and peers (like millions of users) were able to play the latest Respawn title, which includes a new Battle Royale mode that plays a major role in the genre.

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Apex Legends is not only a free-to-play pick up game already seen in PUBG and Fortnite, but also improves the mechanics of the mode itself, adding squads as a default option with many new features:

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  • It has a futuristic universe based on Titanfall, specifically it takes place 30 years after Titanfall 2.
  • Despite being a Battle Royale, the theme focuses more on the Hunger Games theme, with several legends as headliners.
  • Each “Legend” or character has their own style and abilities.
  • Portals can be summoned.
  • Mandatory team fight.
  • 60 players in total, teams of 3 and therefore only 20 teams at once.
  • Allow spawning between teammates.

Cross platform, free and well optimized game

As if this is not enough, and from the day of its presentation, it is launched as a multiplatform game, with a wide loot to share between players of the same team, and also offers a good optimization with rich graphic configuration- options.

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In addition, and according to the criticism we receive from colleagues and friends, as well as from users on the web, the game seems quite stable in terms of FPS, it is more demanding than Overwatch and Fortnite, but at the same time better optimized than PUBG, something that should be praised, talk about the work of the guys at Respawn Entertainment.

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As if that wasn’t enough, it has been offered native gamepad support since its inception, so gamers who don’t want to play on a PC with a keyboard and mouse can do so with their favorite accessory.

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At the moment and it seems that there are no goal aids for this type of peripheral, which encourages competition and the use of keyboard and mouse if we do not want to start at a disadvantage compared to other competitors.

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Minimum and maximum requirements

Like any good game, Apex Legends has minimum and maximum requirements to play. So, as you enter the Titanfall universe, make sure your PC is up to the task:

Minimum requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor (AMD): AMD FX 4350 or equivalent
Processor (Intel): Intel Core i3 6300 or equivalent
RAM memory: 6GB – DDR3 at 1333MHz
Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon HD7730
Graphics card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce® GT 640
DirectX: 11 or equivalent
Internet connection: 512 KBPS or better
Free hard disk space: 22 GB

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Recommended requirements

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Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor (AMD): Ryzen 5 or equivalent
Processor (Intel): Intel Core i5 3570K or equivalent
RAM memory: 8GB – DDR3 at 1333MHz
Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon R9 290
Graphics card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970
DirectX: 11 or equivalent
Internet connection: broadband connections
Free hard disk space: 22 GB

We remind you that the game is available for free download on the Origin platform and, according to Respawn, will be updated with new content over the weeks.

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