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Fortnite sets the date for the arrival of the Antetokounmpo skin

This start of Chapter 4 – Season 1 from Fortnite It is the sea of ​​being intense. Not only in terms of gameplay, but also with huge changes in mechanics and new elements that change everything. Not so in the high number of aspects to be achieved.

Some skins that are protagonists since the last video of last Chapter 3, which already showed some skins that have arrived in recent weeks. But there’s one more little surprise before Christmas called Giannis Antetokounmpo.

And it’s that while we wait to be able take the skin of Geralt de RiviaThe team of Fortnite has been entertained by us new aspects of the Hulk, Mr. Beast of My Hero Academia (boku no hero). But the arrival of the Milwaukee Bucks’ Greek star has yet to be announced.

At the beginning of the month, we knew the confirmation of its arrival, and we also closed it down to December 2022, since Chapter 4 – Season 1 is going to take months and the wait could have been very long.

Finally, and after several more leaks that end up in the internal files of each update, we know that Anteto will arrive before Christmas, specifically on Christmas Eve as a new member of the idol series.

So in the early morning of December 24when you restart the store Fortnitewe will have many products with the skin of Antetokounmpowhich many are eagerly awaiting.

It is expected to be the same or similar price as usual, with a basic skin for 1,500 paVos and at least a small batch for 1,800 paVos (with pickaxe or accessory). Although for now, the total number of products in the new Antetokounmpo set for Fortnite.

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